Wang’s visit testimony of Pak-China exceptional friendship: Zhao Lijian


Staff Report


Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan’s visit to Pakistan sent a strong message to the Int’l community that Sino-Pak friendship is exceptional one and it is bound to grow further for their common benefit.
This was stated by the Deputy Chief of the Chinese Embassy Zhao Lijian at an iftar-party held here on Thursday. The occasion was largely attended by scholars, members of think-Tank and the representatives of the print and electronic media.
Zhao Lijian briefed the participants about the Wang’s visit, terming it as highly successful that he said contributed significantly in development of their bilateral ties, particularly under the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC).
He also spoke about the China-US trade’s friction, stating that the trade war was initiated by the American administration forcing China to accept heavy tariff on the Chinese goods.
Stating that China will not come under any pressure to this effect, he said his country is prepared to face any eventuality for protecting their legitimate and lawful rights.
We believe in consultation and negotiation in addressing the differences and conflicts. But he added, they are not afraid of the trade war. The leadership of the Community Party of China (CPC) has a strong determination to resist against the American’s pressure in the trade conflict, he added.
About the Wang Qishan’s visit, Zhao Lijian further said it showed that the relationship of the two countries’ are too strong and it meets the common aspirations of their people.
His visit is highly significant in the background of China’s growing support to Pakistan, improving its socio-economic conditions. Five agreements were signed during the visit, that opened new areas of cooperation under the CPEC.
During the visit, China offered a grant of one billion RMB to Pakistan for the development of social sector. Besides this, forty million RMB was given for disaster relief fund.