Wana polio drive from May 29

Poliovirus London
Adam Khan Wazir 

In District Health Officer Lower South Waziristan office wana arranged a program regarding the sensitivity of journalists on behalf of COMNET. Journalists belonging to District Press Club Wana participated, on the occasion, Provincial Training Officer Dr. Waleed Hassan, EPI Coordinator South Waziristan Lower Dr. Hidayat Ullah, DHCSO Upper South Waziristan Riaz Mehsud and DHCS Amir Abbas Wazir of Lower South Waziristan was present.

In order to make the upcoming polio campaign in various tehsil of Lower South Waziristan a success, WHO polio trainer Dr. Waleed Hassan and in-charge Muhammad Amir Wazir said during the media briefing that WHO had sent 10 environmental samples of polio from Lower and Upper South Waziristan this year.