Wake up call for immediate revolutionary steps to mitigate severe breach of food security | BY S Nayyar Uddin Ahmad


Wake up call for immediate revolutionary steps to mitigate severe breach of food security

Due to the large scale damages caused by the recent floods, the food security of Pakistan has been breached severely and government needs immediate food imports to firstly, save the starving about 40 million flood affected population and secondly, to protect the remaining about 180 plus million population from the brutal inflationary impact, on the prices of essential food items.

In this regard, the government of Pakistan needs huge sums of foreign exchange to save the 22+ crore population of Pakistan from extreme hardships of food shortages, for which our government must immediately notify TONIGHT the following measures to conserve and save the precious foreign exchange:

1.No Pakistani official including the President and the PM shall visit abroad.

2.Pakistan should instantly notify to all the lenders that with immediate effect their servicing of loans are being suspended to save the lives of the crores of starving people, which was recently personally witnessed in Pakistan, by the Secretary General of the UNO.

3.All loss making government companies and units must be shut down instantly, except the PIAC, which must be privatised on top most priority.

4.All foreign missions with the exception of extremely important offices must immediately be closed temporarily and staff called back.

5.In order to save on energy bill the following steps are recommended:

(i) Wearing of coat/jacket and necktie must be banned for all civil government servants (ii) Working should be reduced to four days a week from Monday to Thursday and on other days work from home can be performed, if required.

(iii) Office working hours should be reset to be effective from 6 AM to 2 PM.

(iv) All shops and markets must close by 5 PM.

(v) All schools must be made legally bound to provide bus services for their pupils pick and drop from home to educational institutions and back.

(vi) Free or existing level facilities of fuel, electricity, power and gas to all the parliamentarians and government officials must be reduced to 50%.

(vii) All the ministries, divisions and departments at the federal and provincial levels must be immediately reduced by 50%.

(vii) Not more than 10 Ministers/Advisors/Special Assistants/Spokespersons should be allowed at the federal and provincial levels in the respective cabinets.

(viii) Video Conference facility should be availed for all meetings of federal and provincial governments.

Last but not the least, a time bound inquiry must be held to fix the responsibilities for the sub-standard constructions of the infrastructure which was easily washed away by the first wave of the flood waters and holding responsible every person who permitted illegal constructions over or near the river banks and cutting down of large scale trees over the mountains without any check and restrictions.

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