Wahab urges cleanliness while observing Sunnat-e-Ibraheemi



Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister MurtazaWahab has said that it is important to take full care of cleanliness in the city in fulfilling the Sunnat e Ibraheemi.

He visited District East and District Korangi and issued instructions to the officers.

Wahab was accompanied by Deputy Commissioners and other officials of the two districts.

He reviewed the arrangements made before Eid-ul-Adha and expressed his satisfaction. At the same time, he reviewed the development works in both the districts and directed to complete these projects in time.

Later, Sindh Government Spokesperson Barrister MurtazaWahab while talking to media in KorangisaidĀ  “Sindh government is carrying out development work in all districts of Karachi including Korangi using its own funds and in front of you 8000 roads in Korangi district.

There are 12,000 roads, Bridge number two and a half, Bridge number five, fishermen roundabouts which have been constructed by the Sindh government.

He added that big development schemes were being implemented by the provincial government and small schemes were also being completed through DMCs and good work had been done within KMC in the last eight to nine months and he was very happy that the mechanism of parks had been implemented.

The manner in which KMC and DMC formulated the use of sewage water should be adopted by the local bodies of the entire city.

“Deputy commissioners should encourage local societies and work with them in parks and other community service because we believe in public service,” he concluded.

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