Wahab sees Senate ordinance as unconstitutional


Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law,Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that during Kashmir Day and holidays, the federal government issued an unconstitutional ordinance on which Raza Rabbani rightly said that the cabinet is blind.


He expressed these views in a press conference in the committee room of Sindh Assembly Building on Monday.  He said that from the constitutional point of view, government decisions have caused havoc as the President is the highest office of the state which is non-political.


He said that this blind government had made three big wrong decisions from the President, the first of which was ridiculed in the case of Qazi FaizIssa;wrong ordinance was issued on the islands and the third wrong decision is the issuance of ordinance on senate elections.


He said that the law has been enacted but according to the ordinance, if the Supreme Court decides in this manner, it will be amended.  Uncertainty is due to these false advices and announcements because the government does not have a majority, they cannot bring a constitutional amendment, they adjourn the meeting and then issue ordinances.


He said that if I do not call this process confusion or malice, then what should I say?  If the ordinance was to be issued then why the time of the Supreme Court was wasted.


He said that political, legal and economic uncertainty has caused damage.  Investors do not turn to this country because of uncertainty.


Wahab further said that the Election Commission should not be used for its malice.  He said that the concerned officials of Sindh government started anti-encroachment drive and tried to politicize it and PTI tried to give it a political color.  If a poor person’s house collapses, they never come forward, but this campaign will continue and so occupiers will be relinquished.


He said that action was also taken on December 6.  Haleem Adil Sheikh’s declared land is six acres. The lease of poultry land was terminated. Action was taken against him and possession of six acres was more than that.  In Malir district, 431 acres of land was liberated and no one protested.


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