VW to launch car-sharing service in Budapest



A new car-sharing company is moving to the Hungarian capital, where it will offer Volkswagen and Skoda electric cars, local media reported.
“The company called ‘WeShare’, a car-sharing service under the arms of Volkswagen and Skoda, will be launched in Budapest this year, expanding the capital’s car-sharing market from three to four players,” the local daily newspaper Vilaggazdasag (World Economy) reported.
Alongside Budapest, WeShare, which launched its electric car fleet in Berlin in June 2019, is expanding to six European cities this year: Hamburg (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Munich (Germany) and Milan (Italy).
A total of 8,400 electric cars will be rolled out in the seven cities, according to the company’s plans. WeShare spokesman Michael Fischer told the Hungarian newspaper that details, such as per-minute rates, number of vehicles and operators, would be announced at the earliest a few weeks before launch.—Xinhua

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