VP encourages digitalization of Islamic economy, finance



Vice President Ma’ruf Amin pressed for digitalization of Islamic economic and financial development in a bid to facilitate restoration in economic conditions following the Covid-19 pandemic. “Digitalization will have a broad impact on the progress and sustainability of the Islamic economy and finance, both nationally and globally,” Vice President Amin stated at the International Webinar Digitalization Leading the Islamic Economy in the New Normal held virtually. The vice president noted that the Covid-19 pandemic had compelled people to adapt to a different lifestyle than before. With such new normal habits, Amin pressed for innovation to offer benefits, especially for the Islamic economic and financial ecosystem. “The development of technology and digitalization had certainly ushered in several changes in the lifestyle of people in society, including social duties,” he pointed out. The vice president emphasized that the digitalization of Islamic economy and finance should be developed together with several digital applications and the growth of startups in Indonesia. —Antara News