Voters asked to verify registration status on new electoral rolls


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked voters to check their registration status, on final electoral rolls published recently by the commission, by sending SMS to its service 8300, so that any errors in the voters’ lists can be rectified.

An official of ECP told a state run news agency that the commission has recently published final electoral rolls after conducting door to door verification campaign started late last year. After verification, the updated voter lists were published by the commission on Oct 7, 2022.

However, the enlisting of new votes, correction, alteration or deletion (of the votes) in the final electoral rolls would continue till announcement of new general elections. He said the commission has also updated its short messaging service (SMS) 8300 to assist public for necessary corrections, alteration and deletion of votes on electoral lists.

According to ECP, the eligible voter should type his CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card Number) on his mobile without hyphen (-) and send it to 8300. On sending message, an automated response will be received indicating the name of electoral area, block code and serial number.

He said that the updated voter lists have been displayed at the offices of district election commissioners and registration officers for general public. He said the ECP has established 2080 form receiving centers. Voters can download Form-21 (registration or transfer of vote), Form-22 (objections or omission of vote) or Form-23 (correction in details) and submit with the respective offices of Form Registration Officers and Assistant Registration Officers.

One window Service has been started in the offices of respective

district election commissioners for vote enlisting in electoral rolls.

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