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Train march or hiding faults!

The Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari led the Caravan-e-Bhutto’ Train March from Karachi to Larkana against the PTI federal government and corruption. The Train March reached its destination without any significant result. On the other hand, corruption in the PPP’s provincial government in Sindh is mounting. I ask Chairman PPP to look at the Sindh government’s performance and not to hide corruption done by his own party workers by blaming the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the PTI’s federal govt for any cause.
I ask Chairman Bilawal that what has done by the Peoples Party’s provincial government in the last 10 years in Sindh rather than destroying the province. Almost 50 percent population of Sindh is living below the poverty line. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, Sindh is the second most affected province by poverty after Balochistan. The provincial government has failed to provide basic needs to the people of Sindh. As a result, hundreds of children have also been killed in Thar.
Because of bad governance and corruption particularly in Sindh, unemployment is growing at an alarming rate as thousands of well educated and talented youths have been depriving of getting jobs on merit. The Sindh government is destroying talent of youths by not providing them jobs on merit. I believe that our homeland can only progress if our institutions are stable. All political parties should come together and play their better role for better Pakistan.

Statutory rape in Gothki

The alleged abduction, followed by forced conversion and then marriage of two minor Hindu girls of Gothki is a crime often repeated under guise of religiosity in Sindh and at least in accordance with laws in existence it is statutory rape because law forbids marriage below age of 18 years at least.
This country has been ravaged by misdeeds of a few who use religion as a shield or under pretext of honour killings commit crimes against women either in the form of Karo-Kari or burying them alive in a male-dominated chauvinist society where religious bigots prevail and distort Islam, a religion that promotes tolerance, compassion and equality before law. The political leadership in Sindh and Islamabad must either stand up for rule of law and display the compassion displayed by PM of New Zealand or stop this empty rhetoric and accept that they are slave to this archaic mindset which has destroyed Quaid’s Pakistan from its welfare state concept to a country where the law of jungle prevails. Can Islamabad explain the rationale of lifting ban on carrying automatic weapons imposed by previous government when NAP calls for deweaponisation following brutal massacre of 150 children in APS massacre in Peshawar?

Well done Malik Riaz!

At last the Supreme Court settled Bahria Town’s case by accepting Rs.460b for Government exchequer in addition to mental relaxation to the Towner. The same theme was also suggested by this Scribe through a column published in Pakistan Observer ‘Bahria Town’s irregularities’! If taken care of the column (fully) many other hurdles could be removed rapidly and amazingly!
Though Bahria Town issue, related to a property tycoon yet, it consist upon immense repercussions for thousands of families that invested billions for construction of their -shelters. The lingering case in the SC and action by NAB, were/are also, threatening many other prospects. There is no doubt that the court’s proceedings were initiated with sacred-spirit of undoing illegalities (if any) and search for finance for exchequer from within instead of knocking IMF’s door and, also, remove uncertainty amongst investors!
Credit goes to brother “Riaz Malik’s sane decision” for honouring SC’s offer; helping-hand in 2005 earthquake; building of marvellous mosques; opening of Dastarkhan project and (even) offer for construction of dam(s) etcetera. This act also confirms love of a person with the State, people as well as the profession. Certainly; through this analogy one can earn happiness de facto. And now this Scribe hopes that (all) other similar cases will also be settled down on this footage. All other ways are compelling to a person towards waste of time, money, respect and…!
Let’s come out from tiny internal tussles and concentrate on national-and-international ‘enemy’s plans’ about our motherland. Allah blessed this country with such personalities that are able to construct (even) dams single-handed. Whenever honest leadership will take charge fully; Pakistan will not beg from the IMF, but would be able to help others, as was happened during ‘Madina Governance’. Anyway, well done Malik Riaz, keep this project going!

Bluetongue disease

Bluetongue is a vector-borne disease of huge economic importance for small and large ruminants globally with an estimated loss of $3b annually. Since the disease is transmittable across different animal species and has potential to spread across the borders, there are international concerns for its epidemiology, prevention and control. A total 27 serotypes are prevalent worldwide; some are clinical while others are subclinical forms of infection.
There is paucity of data on Bluetongue prevalence and serotypes in Pakistan. This may be the reason that it has been ignored by the government authorities to intervene and implement necessary prevention and control strategies. During current research, a total of 1,312 clinically healthy animals (sheep, goat, cattle and buffalo) from Punjab and, 876 animals from Baluchistan were screened for the presence of seroconversion followed by identification of prevalent serotypes. An association between several risk factors such as age, gender, breed, parity, presence or absence of vector, history of abortion, herd size and presence/absence of seroconversion was also studied.