Voice of the People


Congrats England a new World Champion

After a gruelling performance throughout the tournament, finally England defeated Kiwis in super over to claim World Champion trophy first ever in history of ICC World Cup. The English Skipper, Eoin Morgan needs the appreciation for his praiseworthy contribution as a skipper. Actually, all players of English team shown extraordinary performance in the final of ICC World Cup in all three formates; however, the slow and weak opening of English team with bat put the team in harsh condition, but the 100 runs partnership of Jos Butter and Ben Stokes gave a breath to team to claim the title.
Especially, Ben Stokes should be appreciated for his outstanding and extraordinary batting performance as he scored 84 runs that took the team in super over. Hence, it was not less than shock that in super over the three English players Ben Stokes, Jos Butter and Jofra Archer with bat and bowl helped the English team to take the game from New Zealand. Nonetheless, congratulations to the English team for becoming the sixth team to reach on this milestone
Kech Turbat

Unjustified WASA charges

I am a resident of Gulshan-e-Lahore Society, which is an independent cooperative housing society with its own arrangements for water supply and sanitation. Recently, as a result of an unjustified decision by the ex-CJP Saqib Nisar, WASA has imposed a monthly bill of approximately Rs. 120,000/- on our Society along with arrears claim of around Rs. 1.2 million, which has resulted in a sharp rise in our monthly bills payable to the society.
Through this apex forum, I wish to point out that there is absolutely no service provided by WASA to our society but as a result of the decision of ex-CJP, WASA is earning undeserved money, which is a burden on the residents of private housing societies. Larger societies have gone to courts and some have got stay orders but smaller societies find it tough to do same. It is therefore requested that Prime Minister should intervene in matter in the interest of larger public interest and issue directions to WASA to withdraw this unjustified claim of WASA which is nothing but a Jagga Tax.

Plastic is harmful

The average person eats at least 50,000 particles of micro-plastic a year and breathes in a similar quantity, according to the first study to estimate human ingestion of plastic pollution. The true number is likely to be many times higher, as only a small number of foods and drinks have been analysed for plastic contamination.
The scientists reported that drinking a lot of bottled water drastically increased the particles consumed. The health impact of ingesting micro-plastic is unknown, but they could release toxic substances. Some pieces are small enough to penetrate human tissues, where they could trigger immune reactions, however this is our responsibility to inform everyone. we should stop using plastic in eating items permanently because this plastic is very dangerous and harmful for human health.

Resplendent arrests

If we look at the present scenario of politics we come to know that how political set is being clouded with the narrative of accountability by ruling party’s leadership. The arrest of Asif Zardari and Rana Sana Ullah shows the political power of government against the opposition. IK has already told about his mission of extermination of fugitives before and after becoming the Prime Minister. He has always laid emphasis on the punishment of culprits and we can see his direct and indirect influence upon it. These arrests are of great significance at national level politics because the famous leaders of two most efficacious parties have been arrested.
I have seen the governance of both parties – PPP and PML(N) – in their tenures and saw their functions as government as well as opposition parties. They did tall promises with the people before election but could not yield even an iota of percentage of their promises and subsequently deceived the people. Accountability should be encouraged at all levels in spite of politicising the arrests. I am hopeful that PTI government will take more steps directly or indirectly to weed out the disorientation and fragmentation created by these pseudo leaders. Imran Khan must call the shot to abstain these negative forces in the way of rebuilding and formation of that Pakistan once dreamed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Sheesha bars

Sheesha Bars are running at full swing in some of the posh areas of Karachi and young generation especially females are found addicted to smoking Sheesha in such Bars. Albeit it is not permitted and unlawful to run Sheesha Bars in our country but still Sheesha Bars are openly being operated. In fact, Sheesha Bars are earning handsome profit, as very expensive and imported Sheesha is made available in such bars. Addicted people waste handsome amount of money to fulfil their desire to smoke Sheesha.
It is inexplicable that how Sheesha bars are operating in the city though it is unlawful. Authorities concerned are requested to close all Sheesha bars immediately as not only youth smoke Sheesha in the bars but also get involved in other bad activities as well.

Unhealthy food

There is no denying the fact that dandy diet is the most pivotal driver of good health. However, it is unfortunate that most of the people don’t have balanced diet, which affects health vigorously. The indispensable components of a balanced diet like nuts and seeds, milk, grains, fruit etc, which the potential of acting as cardio protector, to decrease the risk of higher blood pressure, cancer and other minor and major diseases, are being consumed very less. Oppositely, the harmful foods such as red meat, processed meat, salty food and fizzy drinks which consequently increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes type 2 etc are being consumed excessively.
A report issued by health researchers on BBC clearly mentioned that death of 11 million people is caused by poor quality of food worldwide per year. This analysis further concluded that three million deaths are caused due to taking salty food; consumption of little whole grain food causes the death of three million lives; similarly, deficiency of fruit and minerals in a diet perish the lives of two million people each year. So, million of people heavily suffer from deadly disorders and die unknowingly since they extremely lack knowledge about keeping a balanced diet and health consequences concern with poor quality of food.
The health authorities have to look into the matter and introduce such programs and seminars related to food and its harmful impact on health so as to general awareness among people about this threatening issue and there is a dire need to implement good health policies by each individual as health is wealth.
Turbat Kech

Passive smoking

In Pakistan, smokers often do not care about the people around them while smoking. As a result, a significant number of people suffer from passive smoking, that is, they inhale tobacco smoke coming from the mouths of those smoking near them. According to a study, passive smoking is a proven risk factor in lung cancer, heart attacks and several other diseases.
To curb this menace, there should be designated places where smokers can smoke freely without affecting others around them because second-hand or passive smoking is more dangerous than firsthand smoking itself. We do, in fact, have a law in Pakistan, which bans smoking in offices and public places, but it is rarely, if ever, implemented. A ban on smoking in public places should be enforced immediately because of the harmful nature of second-hand smoke.