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Political consensus

Pakistan has long been suffering from a political crisis and this is, undoubtedly because of undue interference from extra political forces. There is a complete dearth of consensus among political parties which has made politics vulnerable to outside interference. Had political parties encouraged consensus despite disagreement over national issues, there would have been no outside interference and meddling in the political affairs of the country.

In our country when a political party seeks support to get power and other political parties will be jealous of that party then how our country will make progress. Therefore, it is my humble request to the political parties that they should manage themselves and shun petty political gains and give preference to the country’s interest rather than political/vested interests.


Khuzdar Wadh

Awareness of cleanliness


I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards awareness of cleanliness. It is a known fact that we are least bothered about the cleanliness of our society. It is important to keep our surroundings clean to live a healthy life.

Cleaning of the surrounding environment and workplaces is an important habit and also a social responsibility. This habit reduces viruses and bacteria and gives us a healthy life. To lead a healthy life, we must follow the rules of cleaning. But nowadays many people are throwing their daily waste hither and thither making the streets and rivers dirty which cause an unhealthy environment for us and for other habitats.

Nobody likes dirt and rubbish but we find it everywhere. Unfortunately, we are losing interest and don’t take care of keeping our public places clean. The streets, parks, bus stops, railway stations and market places are full of torn papers, banana skins and poly bags etc. It affects our health and hygiene.

We should come out with solutions such as collaboration with specialized NGOs to spread public massage. Educational institutions should take responsibility for spreading awareness of cleanliness in our society. It can be done by distributing brochures, hanging banners in public etc. Let us work together and make our society more beautiful.


Kallar Syedan

National Cousins’ Day

National Cousins’ Day is a perfect day to send some love to those family members we call cousins. Whether they were our first best friend or first antagonist, cousins are the people who made family get-togethers fun — or at least more tolerable and less awkward – when we were kids. Whether close cousins or distant cousins, friends or foes, those of us who are lucky enough to still have cousins around should think about celebrating them today.

Every year, National Cousins’ Day is celebrated on July 24. For people who do not know what the term cousin means, this word is referred to as someone who is a part of your wider extended family. National Cousins’ Day is a day to thank our cousins for all that they do for us.


Mumbai, India

Tit for tat

Acid attack is a problem in itself, but the fear it is also a big problem faced by females in our societies. Nowadays, even if a girl forbids a boy, she is threatened or intimidated. In simple words, when a girl rejects a proposal she is likely to face the disastrous problem of acid attack which is why most females are Ill-conditioned who do not know what to do except accepting the proposals and being blackmailed.

We all should work to stop this brutality over girls. The government should punish those who destroy people’s lives, severely, but also by death. A worse punishment should be given, but the same thing that these people do to others should be done to them, then they will realize how big it is, how big a sin that these people have committed. This can also be a sort of relief for the victims of acid attack.


Malir, Karachi


in skills

After 2020, we have seen how the world has gone through transition in all aspects of life in terms of health, education, financing or in short in everything. We have notice how our daily operations have changed. Likewise, financial opportunities are present particularly in online medium.

Now banks, other financial institutions have changed their functions into apps. Similarly, anyone can earn something if he or she has any skill. This phenomenon is called investment in skills. We bet you didn’t hear your skills as an investment opportunity. If you have any skill, make use of it. Polish your skill sets and earn decent returns in no time. Nowadays we hear a lot about freelancing, online job opportunities, online training, online learning and many more all these are the best sources to earn and grow financially.

The options are unlimited, all you need to do is to identify your set of skills and the things you love doing and earn through them. Investment in skill is the best option for our youths to become financially independent and stable. It provides best medium to showcase their talent and skill in certain fields.

Here we take an example of freelancing, in freelancing people or more specifically freelancers are self-employed people who provide services to multiple clients and earn money. They can set their own schedules, run their businesses and most importantly they have flexible lifestyle. So, to earn and to sustain life investment in skills is very important and it is the best platform for our youths. In the context of Pakistani market, we see numerous individuals, especially the unemployed youth.

Therefore, concept of investment in skills is the easiest and fair medium to earn. This method is more efficient and effective, it also gives us sense of fairness in terms of work. One feature of this method is that anyone can invest in skills; it has no age limitations, no certification restriction. If you have any talent you can easily get an opportunity.



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