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Provide health centres at universities

Students who are studying in various universities continuously face issues relating to their mental health. Number of new courses proves difficult for students’ as many of these courses do not match their capabilities. Though they put their best efforts in studying assigned courses, yet fail to attain good marks and in some cases remain unsuccessful while some get passing marks.

Consequently it brings anxiety and depression in their lives. Their social life becomes weaker too. This mental pressure at times reaches considerable heights giving rise to tense situations. Hence government and educational institutions particularly HEC must take practical and immediate measures to address this alarming issue by compelling universities across the country to establish health centres where mental-health professional listen to students and could give them suitable advices.


Sukkur, Sindh

Misuse of loudspeakers

I want to draw attention to insensitive use of loudspeakers in my neighbourhood causing serious inconvenience to everyone. The use of loudspeakers at homes and schools has now increased and it is believed that without a loudspeaker occasions such as weddings and birthday parties are incomplete.

Loudspeakers have now become a huge contributing factor in increasing noise pollution. The situation is becoming worse because at homes as they are used during night hours. And such inappropriate usage of loudspeakers is causing disturbance to elderly and newborns as they face hard time getting a good night’s sleep. It is also hugely problematic for students to concentrate on work as it’s distracting and annoying. People have also been complaining about hearing loss due to elongated exposure to loudspeakers. I think use of loudspeakers need to be banned or a certain time should be fixed to use loudspeakers.



Bloody highways

In Balochistan hundred of people fall prey to traffic accidents every month. According to statistics 179 accidents occurred during June 1, 2022 to June 8, on different highways of Balochistan in which 289 people have been injured and 51 people have died. These are just accidents that happened in a week. And you will be shocked if you count accidents and as a result number of persons who perished or got injured in whole year.

There is no house in Balochistan today where one of the family members has not been involved in a road accident. Due to these accidents, there are more orphans in Balochistan. Please take care of the lives of these poor people in the name of humanity. I request Government of Pakistan and NHA to built proper and dual roads in the province and also establish proper learning schools where driving skills are imparted so that people could learn to drive safely.


Kech, Balochistan

Power of words

We can’t get away from words. Yet we pay so little attention to them. We use them at random, sometimes our minds find it hard to keep pace with our tongues. Words have great power. The power to bring peace, the power to spread love, the power to give hope, the power to encourage, the power to guide, the power to comfort, the power to uplift, the power to heal. Then there are the words that elevate you, take you closer to God. But on the other side, they can make you feel small and insignificant, they can hurt you, they can humiliate you, they can rob you of your decency, steal your sleep, make you sick and even can kill you. Never speak words that can rob another of his dignity and his pride. If you don’t have the words to encourage and elevate, best is to say nothing at all. A kind helping word of encouragement can make someone’s day so be ready with that word any time of the day. You never know whom you might be able to help with your good word of the day.


Larkana, Sindh

Dollar rises again

Dollar rate has scaled new heights in Pakistan. Due to increase in the value of dollar, inflation also increased which has caused an abrupt surge in poverty rate in the country. Moreover general public is facing difficulties due to unexpected increase in the value of dollar as it not only devalued the rupee but also increased prices of several items of daily use. It seems as if the government is incapable of taking steps to boost country’s economy.


Kech, Balochistan


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