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Political instability

The current scenario of the economic meltdown is expanding its circle putting the future of the country in jeopardy. Pakistan, among other countries, is far behind in the terms of socio-economic development owing to many factors, one of the contributory is the leadership crisis. Thus, this single negligence has put the nation in danger dimensionally. An uncivilized nation with the perished and colonial psyche, sans any dissent has been letting the culprits of the country scot-free.

Constant political instability, socio-economic unrest, dwindling rank on the Human Development Index, human rights violations, vulnerable law and order, opportunism, and incompetency are the defining terms following the prevailing status quo. Acts that demonstrate the subverting the democracy of the country are unfortunately not uncommon. Thus, the system seems to fail. The recent report of the Gender Gap Index is not so rousing following the current politico-economic crisis in the country.

Dynastic politics within the country for the past almost three decades are the compound interest of the crises since nothing happens abruptly. Yahya Khan is considered the man whose negligence made Pakistan apart, however, the reality is vice versa since the previous leaders’ irresponsibility made the fall of Dhaka.

Stable leadership, dissent and a diversity of opinions are contributory factors to making a country prosperous and developed. Thus, getting rid of the political musical chairs would make things stable succinctly. We hope!



Afghan refugees

Sindh is not an orphanage, we have here Afghanis, Biharis, Bengalis and Africans, Burmese, Pakistan must awake now, Only Sindh’s not in danger from these Afghan refugees, but entire nation could face consequences from their acts, all Pakistanis are crying about demographic changes in Kashmir and abrogation to article 35A constitution of India, at the same time, Sindh is facing same issues of demographic changes, natives/permanent residents are changing into minorities day by day. It must be ensure by the higher authorities, there should be no right to buy property, vote and do a job for outsiders and non sindhies in Sindh, we should understand that our demography is changed on the same name of religion as it is done in Palestine, India.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as of January 2022, there were approximately 3 million Afghans living in Pakistan, around 1.4 million of them are Proof of Registration (POR) cardholders, approximately 8.4 lakh hold an Afghan Citizen Card (ACC), and an estimated 7.75 lakh are undocumented, while on the on other hand Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan is carrying out investigation about Afghan refugees the total number of Afghani immigrants have been identified nearly 4 million. Recently a UNHCR’s spokesman said that Sindh is home to Afghan refugees and most of them are staying in Karachi, there are approximately 4 lakh Afghan migrants in Sindh, just 71,723 of them are registered.

We welcomed Afghans when all other nations closed their doors for them, but now we should never compromise on nationality which given to the Afghan refugees. They are must be sent back as per international law and as happened in Turkey.Sindh can’t bear more burden of Afghan Refuges anymore, deport all unauthorized ,visaless, or temporarily settled Refugees to their homeland.

It’s not about xenophobia or racism but it is about the peace, socio- economic impacts and precautions of demographical changes. So, it is time for Afghans to thank Pakistan and its public and responsibility of Pakistan’s concern authorities to sent back Afghan refugees to their homeland peacefully.



Transport in Kallar Syedan

Transport is one of the major issues in Pakistan. Other nations are not facing this problem but Pakistani nation is facing this problem, especially in Tehsil Kallar Syedan. In the era of PLM-N (2013-2018) a project of TMA buses was introduced. The route of these buses is from Kallar Syedan to Liaqat Bagh.

This is very useful for the students and the people working in Rawalpindi. But it is not much beneficial for the students and jobbers who use daily travel from Kallar to Islamabad because no direct transport is available from Kallar to Islamabad. By changing vehicles again and again to reach the universities and offices is much time consuming and mostly people can’t reach in time.

through your newspaper, I want to request the authorities (Federal and Punjab Governments) please introduce a project like TMA that contains a route from Kallar Syedan to Golra Mor stop as soon as possible. This will be helpful for the people of Kallar city and also for neighbouring villages. Hope that the authorities will give respect to this request.


Kallar Syedan

Don’t vote for Shiv Sena again

The ex-CM of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray has harassed citizens a lot during the lockdown periods. Hence, I request the people of Maharashtra not to vote for the Shiv Sena again.


Mumbai, India

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