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Nobody wins if Pakistan


What we are witnessing is the mindless pursuit and turf war, driven by insatiable greed for power, in which only Pakistan and its 225million, who live here, stand to lose. The imminent economic collapse that Pakistan is facing is end result of almost over 25 years of abuse and mismanagement by those at helm and the political engineering and maneuvering to select pliant men of mediocre intellect and capability, unable to handle the country’s economy. We live in a country where almost 65% of the industry is owned by cartels and foundations, exempted from taxation, enjoying endless subsidies and waivers and a federal budget which relies on foreign loans, instead of revenues, with imports exceeding exports and massive institutionalized tax evasion.

Even the imminence of default and bankruptcy does not seem to deter the political elite and establishment to wake-up. Whilst people living in utter despair and poverty are being asked to tighten their belts, the elite living on tax payer’s money continues to lead a luxurious lifestyle, importing expensive SUVs, executive jets and helicopters etc.

For many decades, starting from 1958 onwards, the choice of financial mercenaries on payroll of international financial institutions to frame our economic policies is now paying its dividends. After WW11, the new colonialists, rely on financial control, rather than physical occupation. The natives who serve their foreign masters are rehabilitated with foreign passports, once they are exposed.

There must be a method to this madness, otherwise why should it not be visible to them, that only thing left to offer and which our known enemies have been so vocal about, is our sole defense deterrence. Even in such times, the political bickering by PTI, PMLN and PPP, continues, further aggravating the economic crisis.



Tanker mafia

It would never be seen in Washington, London, Paris, New Delhi, even in parts of Pakistan but it is happening in Karachi which is a commercial hub of the country generating revenues to navigate the country. As all we know that water is the most basic need of every human being, it is an irony that the same water is being commercially sold out by the influential culprits and the Karachiites are compelled to purchase water on heavy charges, in addition to bearing other taxes and expenses.

In this context, I am worried, how many more years the residents of Karachi would purchase potable water for their daily use, while unabated illegal water selling has been continuing by the Tanker Mafia since long. Similarly, illegal hydrants and tankers owned by the high police officials are running openly and cleverly evade millions of rupees in taxes; thereby national exchequer is getting a loss of billions of rupees. On the other side, the residents of Karachi have to pay water bills every month in spite of purchasing water and bearing the brunt the taxes as well.

With every passing day the condition of the city is getting from bad to worse and the recent rains have wrecked havoc to the entire city. It is quite ridiculous that millions of people have to suffer from the illegal practices carried out by a handful mafia and a few powerful. It is the need of the hour to develop or design a pivotal and comprehensive strategy by the civic think tanks to save the people from these miserable conditions.



A brilliant decision

Highre authorities have taken the initiative for the protection for the polio teams in sensitive locations to help the country to achieve the objective of a polio-free Pakistan. So far this year, the country has reported 12 polio cases and all were reported from North Waziristan.

We should encourage such steps which are taken to ensure a safe and secure environment for polio teams for proper reach and effectiveness of polio campaigns.



Open letter

to Joe Biden

Greetings to the President!

We would urge the Nobel Prize Committee to consider your name for your great services for the suffering humanity, always standing tall to defend the oppressed population and also on your following recent latest statement, which reiterated your personal commitment for not to be silent on the issue of Human Rights:‘For an American President to be silent on the issue of human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who I am.’

However, Sir, as you know the charter of the UNO specifically allows the subjugated population to wage struggle for their Right of Self-Determination, but India has cunningly projected Kashmiris of the IIOJ&K’s struggle for their Right of Self Determination against the Indian occupational forces, as terrorism; to mislead the West, which was the easiest way to distract the champions of Human Rights, like you Sir.

In this regard, kindly peruse at the link given below the best ever most authentic and voluminous chronically compiled biggest ever details, about the genocide worse than committed by the Germany of Adolf Hitler, rampant rapes used as a weapon of war, abductions, torture (which was broadcast over loudspeakers to terrorise the population of the area), scorch earth policy by destroying the gardens of fruit trees, and causing blindness to the Kashmiri kids, youth and the entire population at an scale never ever witnessed in the human history.

Sir, it is hoped that after going through the complete compilation of the India war crimes provided at the link given below, you as the biggest champion of the Human Rights will immediately declare India as a terrorism and genocide committing/sponsoring country and a UN Peace Keeping Force be urgently deployed in the IIOJ&K to forthwith to stop the most grave human rights violations of the human race on this planet, which blinded the Kashmiri kids and the youth at an unprecedented level for which India must immediately pay reparations to the Kashmiris of the IIOJ&K.




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