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Mischievous load shedding timings

With PML (N) coming to power, electricity load-shedding has increased manifold in the last one and a half month. K-Electric has started sharing load shedding schedule with its consumers. One such schedule was sent to me on my cell phone last month.

The message read: Dear Customer, your revised load-shed timings for July are: 01:35pm – 03:05pm, 06:35pm – 08:05pm, 02:05am – 03:05am, 04:05am – 05:05am

Since then, I have sent several messages to K-Electric seeking clarification of conducting load shedding from 2:00 am to 3:00 am and from 4:00 am to 5:00 am. When markets, malls, offices, factories, marriage halls are closed at night, whose purpose is being served by conducting load-shedding at 3:00 am and 4:00 am respectively?

K-Electric must know that every consumer of theirs cannot afford to buy a generator or UPS to meet electricity shortfall. It appears that present govt has given K-Electric task of mentally torturing the people by conducting load-shedding at such odd hours.

People are being deprived of sleep, resultantly they can’t focus on work during the day. If our honourable courts can take suo motu of two liquor bottles, why can’t they question K-Electric for these mischievous load-shedding timings? Please.



Parenting issues

I am writing this letter to inform you about parenting or we can say one of the most common and the most important issues that should be fixed as soon as possible. Parents in Pakistan what here they are educated or not are lacking the skills of parenting. Upbringing of a child is one of the most important duties of any parent.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan majority of the children are facing lots of issues just because their parenting was not good at all. Some parents just keep on pressurising their children and then those kids end up in depression, anxiety and ultimately find their ways to drugs and smoking.

Some parents just don’t give attention to their children at all and some just give them whatever they want and this ends up in the spoiling of the kids and ultimately such kids will turn against their own parents or they will rely so much on them that they can’t have a life of their own. Proper NGOs and programs should be used to overcome these parenting issues and parents must learn first that how to raise kids as those children are the future of our country.



Why to learn history?


Learning the history of the world, history of heroes who lived in the past, history of the people who failed and never gave up can be fun and also passion building. History makes us think like leaders and legendaries who lived in the past like Ibraham Lincoln who went through worst situations before becoming the President of America, Martin Luther King junior whose speech holds the highest record ever, Albert Einstein without whose laws the whole science is incomplete. It simply means that the more we learn history, the more we grow and get educated.

There is no denying the fact that when we learn the history of successful people and know how they confronted failures, we will be inspired and that is what makes us try to become like them. Learning history should be compulsory because it tells us which the right way to success is by telling about the life of successful people like Thomas alwa Edison whose biography tells us that giving up should not be an option as well as one can also learn that failure is not a guilt but a lesson. Most importantly, in history we not only learn about the past but we also learn to lead a better life.


Malir, Karachi

Soaring dollar

Due to the ongoing political crisis and uncertainty in Pakistan for the past few months, not only the stock market is falling, but the Pakistani currency has been depreciating against the dollar, while the State Bank has also increased interest rates.

Since the advent of this government, the value of the dollar has increased to 40 rupees. This rate of dollar is at the highest level in the history of the country and the dollar rate crossed Rs 218 in the open market. Due to the increase in the dollar rate, importers have to pay more.

Apart from this, the raw material of export goods are imported, which becomes more expensive due to the increase in the dollar rate. Therefore, there are negative effects on exports as well. The government is beseeched to overcome political matters in order to smoothen the economy; ultimately, it is the matter of Pakistan’s survival.


Turbat Balochistan

Health awareness

Health issues in Pakistan like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Kidney Stones, Weak Bones and Joints, Back Pain, Muscular Pain, Laziness and many more are very common nowadays and we are not taking it seriously, though there is an immediate need to fix it all otherwise these issues will become worse in the near future.

Fixing these health hazards is very easy and just needs a little awareness. So, government should start promoting the health by making beautiful parks and open gyms. A few days of advertisement can motivate a large number of people to focus on their health and within a few months there will be a great change in the health of the people.

Healthy bodies make healthy minds and people can then deal with their issues more easily because there will be no more health issues to fight off. Working out for an hour per day should be made compulsory for everyone.



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