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Parents are the gift of God

Parent’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July. The day is celebrated to honour both the parents — i.e. the father and the mother. This year, Parent’s Day will be celebrated on July 24. Parent’s Day is dedicated to parents all over the world and is an occasion to show appreciation for the commitment to strengthen the family bond and to create an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. It is the parents’ who frame their child’s/children’s personality according to their inherit strengths, talents and bequeath to them moral values and the spirit of living life wholly.

Parent’s Day acknowledges the overpowering presence of parents in the lives of children. Parents are the most important people in our lives. They are the gift of God on earth. Nobody can take their place in life. They bring us into this beautiful world, care for us with love and care and provide us with education so that we may grow up into responsible and level headed human beings.

If you feel grateful for having the best parents on earth and want to let them know your heartfelt feelings, then Parent’s Day is the perfect time for you to convey your emotions. Writing a poem is a fantastic way to express your feelings to them. Parents are the strength and support system of their children. They carry with them so many responsibilities, yet they never show it. We must be thankful to have parents in our lives as not everyone is lucky to have them.


Mumbai, India

Don’t blame Pakistan

Once again, India has tried to blame Pakistan for the murder of a Hindu tailor. It is a fact that the two Muslims murdered him, but Pakistan has nothing to do with any act of terrorism, especially Dawat-e-Islami, which is only serving Islam and preaching peace across the world. History is a witness that Dawat-e-Islami has never been involved in such an act of terrorism.

Instead of getting involved in a blame game, the Indian government should focus on its security measures. It seems like the Modi Sarkar is trying to derail and distract the Indian nation from the issues like growing unrest in Kashmir, killing of Dalits and atrocities on Christian protests.

It is high time for Pakistan to respond to such childish accusations and harden its stance toward India. Every time, blaming Pakistan is now a very old tradition of the BJP regime. Modi Sarkar must stop such baseless allegations.



University life is not hard

Every student says: “How hard is life at universities? “Many students complain about the pressure and burden they face in the universities. Hectic projects, long assignments, challenging projects, annoying vivas and many more make students feel that university life is difficult. But if you think deeply, you may find university life is an enjoyable part of life. You understand many things and also you learn how to take initiatives.

These hectic, frantic, crowded and heaving looking tasks make you prepare for the future because in the future you have to do so many difficult tasks. Universities make you prepare for the future. Also, in universities there are many committees, societies in which students take part and learn new skills. Also fundraising skills and volunteer work skills you learn there. You learn how to balance your work-life ratio. You have to maintain time for study, and time for other co-curricular activities. It all depends upon you whether you make university life hard or easy and enjoyable.



Son of Kashmir


Whenever a story of oppression is written, atrocities on Kashmiris will be on top of that story. Why was the baby born to Muzaffar Wani, a school principal in the village of Sharifabad in J&K, so important that his struggle became a headache for Indian soldiers? The name of that Kashmiri child was Burhan Wani. On July 8, 2016, Wani was martyred along with two of his associates.

Six years have passed since the martyrdom of Wani, but the barbarity of the Indian Army is still continuing. With the martyrdom of Wani, India thought that the movement for Kashmir freedom would end, but after that every other child became Burhan Wani with people naming their children after Burhan Wani. India is providing only 2G internet in Kashmir because it fears that the internet may produce another Burhan, while its atrocities in the occupied valley will be exposed to the outside world, which India fears the most. A report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, revealed that of those martyred, 19 youth were killed in fake encounters, staged by Indian troops while 854 persons were arrested during the past six months, from January till first week of the current month.

India has deployed more than 0.9 million soldiers in the Vale. Why does India need deployment of such a huge army to monitor unarmed people? It is because they are afraid of the struggle of unarmed Kashmiris, who want to get freedom from oppression of India. Burhan himself rose to fight against the Indian Army and even motivated the youth to stand up for their right. The Indian Army has killed Burhan Wani but they are unable to bury the spirit and motivation, surged into the souls of the youth.



Miserable road conditions


I am a resident of Larkana, Sindh. I am writing to you, to raise the issue people face in my locality (Lahori Muhalla) due to the bad condition of the road. The road leading to public school remains very congested throughout the day, mainly during the rush hours – both morning and evening. It is the main road but there are potholes everywhere on the road. People have to endure horrible situations when they are going to their workplaces.

A public school is also situated on this road so school students and parents get irritated as they are stuck here very often in traffic jams. The local people made many representations to the government but no action has been taken so far to improve the road condition.

That is why now through this letter we want to draw the attention of the government as the situation is not good. I request the Management of this Paper to highlight this issue through your renowned newspaper so that the issue comes into the limelight enabling the government to take some action to improve the road condition.



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