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Solarisation of Pakistan

Energy crisis has gripped the entire country as the summer stepped in the region and Pakistanis were hit by ever-increasing electricity load shedding, with the authorities accusingl the previous rulers for their inability to arrange imported fuel for power generation.

The shortfall of about 7000 megawatts has resulted in prolonged power outages, and disturbed the routine life of the public besides hampering the operation of the industry, construction sector and business activities across the country. Although the government had introduced several measures to curb the use of energy including a 40% cut in the fuel allowance of government officials, five days working week, a ban on the use of air conditioning, early closure of businesses and management of load shedding, yet these strategies could not prove to be effective because the import-dependent country remained unable to cope with the issue of soaring energy prices, the balance of payment crisis, the rapid devaluation of the rupee.

Presently, the purchase of power fuel has become a greater issue for the government which is already struggling to address the financial crisis over the past months. The Solarization of Pakistan is a dire need of the hour and will provide priceless electricity with a one-time cost-effective investment.

In fact, Pakistan has an abundance of natural resources and diverse geography which can be used for the generation of cheap electricity through the construction of hydel, wind and solar power projects at suitable locations across the country. Presently, the public issues had become a political tool for the government and opposition and the previous government had accused the PML-N of contracting expensive projects and capacity payments. Hence, the government should bring transparency and promote public access to information so the masses can differentiate the facts and propaganda.



Public transport

Metro is quite a reliable service. hese. With the ever-increasing fuel prices, it is a good idea to keep the cars and bikes at home. It is observed that people have begun using the much-maligned Metro Service these days. After all, it is cheaper, safer and faster. It also has stops at reasonable distances. Spending Rs 400-500 on a daily basis for a trip to the working place is definitely not affordable for a common man. Therefore, public transport like the Metro is a cheap alternative for them. In a metropolitan city, it improves the health of the community, provides economic benefits and minimizes fuel consumption. Public transportation reduces air pollution, reduces road congestion, improves community mobility, provides an equitable transportation system and much more. Cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore that have a large number of students and employees, who have to travel on a daily basis, need more facilities like this. In addition, it is beneficial in terms of savings.

By improving public transport services and keeping a check on local alternatives under private ownership, women’s safe mobility can be improved as well. Lack of proper public transport, the women and girls face indescribable problems, hampering their working and education. Now Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Chief Minister Hamza Sharif should pay more attention to provision of public transport. The Metro Bus and Orange Line services have proven beneficial as well as comfortable/affordable. Therefore, provision of Metro bus service in cities, where this service does not exist, is must and PM/CM Sharifs are requested to take cognizance of the matter.



Think like victors

In life, everyone wants to live successfully and comfortably but, unfortunately, most of us fail to become what we want. Do you know why most people fail to achieve their goal? There is no difference between successful and unsuccessful people but the only difference between them is their deeds. If a person wants to be successful, he must try to act. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their life. Simply, if one wants success and prosperity, one should not wait a minute to start working on his goals.

There is no doubt that successful people do not wait for the opportunity, they create it. So, stop looking for opportunities and instead of waiting and changing times, you should try and create opportunities for yourself. And as someone has said, those who try and never give up, they either win or learn. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. Don’t cry when you fail, try.

The shorter the response time, the shorter the route and the closer the destination. I mean, whenever you have an idea, work on it without wasting time, because that’s what sets successful people apart from unsuccessful ones. So I urge you, readers, to work on your goals and try not to cry in the future. Improve your nature and your future will be better.


Malir, Karachi

Child labour

When determining the potential of a country, we look at the youth. If the youth are educated, law abiding citizens it’s a good indication that the country will succeed. It is estimated around 3.3 million Pakistani children are victims of child labour. These children are visibly overworked and underpaid. Moreover, they are wasting their youth. These years are primal for a child’s development, being part of a class with a routine schedule can give a child a sense of belonging.

In 2020, Pakistan banned Child Domestic Labour for the first time. But, 2 years on and still no improvement on the issue. If the youth are struggling, it’s an indication that the whole country is failing. When children are out of school, they get involved in bad social activities, which make our streets unsafe for everyone. Young boys and girls are made vulnerable to predators, and it’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of every individual in this country.

The Holy Prophet SAW said “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” Education needs to be accessible to every individual, regardless of economic background. Just as we want for our own children to have the best, we should want the same for others.

We can all play our part by not employing children and warning others against it. If you have the means to sponsor a child’s education, then do not hesitate to fulfil this good deed. Allah Almighty says: “And what is the reward of goodness, but goodness.” (Quran 55:60) You may think your contribution is small, but surely in the Sight of Allah it may be Great.



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