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Looming Islamophobia

The Muslims around the world have faced different forms of violence and attacks following the aftermath of 9/11 that eventually sparked the Islamophobia around the globe. It resulted in different events that caused agony to Muslims.

The publishing of blasphemous content under so-called freedom of speech, the hijab ban in the West, fatal terrorist attack in Christchurch Mosque against the Muslims, atrocities on innocent Palestinians by the Israeli forces, all are the different forms of Islamophobic act that has been fuelled by the western leaders and their biased media.

Provided that the UN declaration of 15th March of every year as the day to combat Islamophobia is very welcomed by the Muslim nations but the turbulent history of UN believes it to have its words speak more than its action.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has a crucial role in combating the Islamophobia by bringing the 53 member states to a single manifesto; safeguarding and protecting the Muslims and their rights residing any where in the world.


Sukkur, Sindh

Use of Loudspeaker

Loudspeaker is one of the common equipments used in all public gatherings in every society and its insensitive use has become quite a nuisance and discomfort to the people. Noise pollution is one of the big issues that people living in cities have to deal with. It’s made considerably worse by the overuse of loudspeakers. The cacophony of these loudspeakers has led many towards hearing loss. Of sure, there are times when they are useful, but I don’t understand why they should be used at every party or meeting.

Due to the excessive noise generated by loudspeakers, the elderly and infants cannot sleep and it affects the students as they can’t concentrate on their studies. Also, this caused a lot of unpleasant conflicts. The loudspeaker culture is harmful to one’s health, education, social relationships as well as to spiritual growth. Noise causes psychological stress which has a detrimental impact on mental health and can result in sadness and anxiety. Frequently, I see a post on social media about many students complaining about young boys making noise and disturbing the students in doing their work.

I would like to request that the authorities investigate the situation and prohibit the use of loudspeakers without permission, as it is inconvenient for everyone. Also because of the use of loudspeakers they are spreading noise pollution. The use of loudspeaker must be banned or at least some preventive actions should be taken by the authorities to minimize this issue and take care about the comfort of all living in the society



Bulldozing ballet

Election is a fair process of choosing people in a constituency for socio-political uplift of the area. But the scenario of different polling stations is not a sight for sore eyes. It’s humiliating from managerial issues to execution. Teachers nominated as returning and presiding officers were humiliated to the core, they were carried in such vehicles which were filled up with filth and garbage.

In addition to this, they were not even given the right amount of facilities within polling stations. The dilemma is yet to be described, as the polling agents and voters were too tyrant, they were scuffling on minor issues. They were unknown of the fact that whom they were fighting for, they would not have any soft corner for their woes after the election. The mindset must be changed. People must be made aware before bulldozing the right of their vote themselves by bashing the system and smashing down the polling stations.


Agra, Sindh

Wrong decision

Every salaried individual wants his salary must be increased but for the average person it is not possible to do so on his own. However, if one has the power and authority, then nothing is impossible. The same happened in Gilgit Baltistan Assembly on 25 June 2022.

Legislators unanimously passed a bill to increase their salaries form 50% to 135%. According to the bill, CM’s salary will increase from Rs517,000 to Rs780,000(50.8%) speaker’s pay will increase from Rs 400,000 to Rs 680,000(70%), Deputy speaker’s pay will increase from Rs365,000 to Rs650,000(78%), ministers and opposition leader’s salary will raise from Rs352,000 to Rs600,000(70%), Standing Committee Chairman’s pay will raise form Rs240,000 to Rs565,000(135%).

Parliamentary Secretaries and members, with 121% increment, will receive Rs570,000 and 465,000 respectively. Besides this the assembly members also gave themselves the right to increase their salaries by 10% annually. All this happened in this scenario that the nation is facing the worst economic crisis and the country is in danger of bankruptcy. This move shows that our ruling elite is unconcerned with the problems of the common man; their only aim seems to be the use of public money for their own benefit.

Another bitter fact is that Gilgit-Baltistan has no income resources. Centre provides grant for developmental and non-developmental expenditure. This hefty pay increase will put more burden on the budget and the money that should be spent on development work will go into the pockets of public representatives.



Mental health

The prevalence of mental health problems in Pakistan is increasing rapidly due to current violent situation in Pakistani society. Common mental health problems have been identified in both the rural and urban population which seems to have a positive association with socio-economic adversities, relationship problems and lack of social support.

Depressive and anxiety disorders appear to be highest followed by bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosomatic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, there is a serious problem of substance misuse and drug addiction. About four million drug addicts have been estimated in the last national survey in Pakistan with a growing number of injectable drug users in the urban population creating the public health predicament. However, the incidence among adults is under-reported due to social stigma in context of family pride.

Nevertheless, the current wave of violence and aggression in Pakistani society is not a simple phenomenon. In addition to the continuous violence and threat to life, there has also been a damaging effect to the psychological health of many people. Psychological trauma as consequence of violence is on the rise, prevailing in the whole area. As a result, individuals are manifesting a number of symptoms of psychological trauma, which is affecting all aspects of their life. Pakistani government should do some work on it.


Kallar Syedan

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