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Rude and rash behaviour

I would like to draw the kind attention of the high-ups of Bank Al-Habib & Bank of Khyber towards the non-professional, aggressive, rude and rash, disgracing attitude of officials of both banks located in main bazar of Tehsil Pabbi District Nowshera KP, as I visited both branches on 20th June, 2022 in connection with exchange of some prize bonds domain of Rs.200/- each to cash amount to which they very harshly refused by saying that these are not exchangeable into cash amount at any way/mean.

I requested them that it is exchangeable good to cash for the reason that Government of Pakistan has clearly mentioned on the preface of each prize bond to be returned in exchange of cash to the bearer without any deduction of its actual value to which all such officials including male and female made a laughter on me and said that these terms and conditions are not applicable to them and that they are not subject to any instructions or directives of any authority.

After feeling abashed and ashamed on such desirable action on their part, I told that I will raise the issue in print media to which they provoked and said that go and do what you can.

However, after such insult and undesirable scenario, I visited the National Saving Centre in the said locality where the issue was resolved within a few minutes in a professional manner which is commendable in my opinion. I hope that the concerned quarters will take this issue on a very serious note to reform their staff and to issue strict directives to cooperate with the public in a polite and professional way with further request to take strict action against the male and female delinquent officials concerned.



Frequent strikes


Strikes have become an order of the day in our country. Democracy seems to mean the right to do anything and at any place in our country. The workers, government employees and political parties call the people for the strikes to highlight their issues and demands. Even people try to solve their minor problems and baseless demands through strikes. These strikes cause inconvenience for the general public. The general flow of the public is stopped like vehicles and transportation. Roads are blocked. Public property got damaged and patients die. Important exams got postponed and educational institutes got closed. In these cases the strikes become violent and then police have to use force to disperse them. A lot of money is spent on it and many people suffer due to their losses. A great number of working days are lost because of these strikes.

The government should take a view of these strikes and demonstrations. They should make rules against strikes. Anti-socials should be punished for taking the law in their hands. If the people have anything to protest they should do it peacefully without damaging public property.

Maryam Sajid


Victory has a thousand fathers

It was June 28, 2018 when Pakistan was placed again on the grey list that the country had failed to stop financing against terrorism on its soil. On last Friday, Pakistan moved a step closer to coming out of the ‘grey list’ of the Financial Action Task Force, with the international watchdog agreeing to an ‘on-site’ visit after certifying that Pakistan has completed the implementation of its action plans.

After this announcement everyone is busy in taking the credit. In the past, I have never understood the John F Kennedy quote “Victory has a thousand fathers”, but I have seen practical manifestation of this quote on 17 June 2022. The entire PMLN, PPP and PTI were congratulating themselves and shaking their backs. In my own view, the credit inevitably goes to all the stakeholders that made considerable efforts to meet all the requirements.


Hayatabad Peshawar

Stop child marriages

I find it extremely agonizing to comprehend how the Zimbabwean government has caused the downfall of our beloved country, which was once known as the Breadbasket of Africa. One can imagine that been the Breadbasket of Africa Zimbabwe was flourishing, citizens enjoying their country and attracted many focused investors. But alas the proper structures and policies which were previously implemented for good reasons and followed accordingly but now there are just on paper.

The poor governance, economic hardships, widespread poverty, skyrocketed unemployment levels, political instability and human rights violations, poor health infrastructure and lack of finances for expensive education fee or resources. Can the government be proud of destroying, violating and ending childhood in children mainly girls, by creating an environment where they are forced into child marriage, their rights to education, health, protection stripped and their vulnerable life placed in danger.

Sadly, family members see this hopelessness desperate opportunity as a point of survival for their daughters, nieces, relations, whole family unity and communities are shattered by this desperate practice. These consequences impact negatively to the Girl Child, in regards to being married to an older man, experiencing complications in pregnancy, childbirth and causes of death. Zimbabwe government: you have a mandate to ensure that the life of young people and girls matters and should be considered as worthy too for now and 2023 elections, whereby everyone will be voting wisely.



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