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Selective withdrawing of subsidies

When a State gives subsidies, it basically means giving any individual or group selective preferential treatment which may be waiving or giving relief in taxation or giving state lands to individuals, below the market price, with permission to sell it for profit or provision of basic food items and energy at below the cost incurred, etc. Pakistan is facing an acute financial crisis, facing threat of default and is seeking to avert this by submitting to IMF conditionalities in order to evade bankruptcy.

We need to increase revenues through exports which is only possible if productive investment in industries is encouraged and not by discouraging it, by giving incentives to the real estate sector with low taxation and other benefits. Several industries have closed down and land given by the State at subsidized rates for their construction has been converted to commercial plazas and shopping malls which offer subsidized tax concessions. Not levying Sin Tax on cigarettes to discourage its sales and consumption and covering the exorbitant rise in providing medical care for cancer and other related infections is giving the industry a criminal subsidy.

Pakistan’s economy is basically agro-based and any decision or exemption given by the State to disrupt the system of supply-chain causes hunger, death and suffering for millions. When green agriculture land is converted to concrete jungle for development of housing societies for the elite, it disrupts one of the basic essentials which is land that produces essential food to feed the rising population.

It is unfortunate that just because beneficiaries of real estate development and investment are powerful segments of the power structure that is unique to Pakistan, the abundance of profits from sale is subjected to reduced taxation which has served to discourage investment in productive industries. This anomaly must stop. Are we waiting for IMF to force us to stop these abuses, or for the desperate masses to rise up?



Meme culture

Meme culture in Pakistan is spreading enormously and often it becomes an alarming issue. The memers make memes and troll the particular person who is chosen to be a victim and this impacts the life of that person immensely. In the era of globalization escaping from social media has become unavoidable and every single news spreads over social media like forest fire.

This creates hardships for the person, being trolled. By keeping in view this situation, we can take a look at the recent incident of Amir Liaquat who was a famous politician and found dead after several days. We can recall the days when he was being insulted for the acts concerning his personal life.

No doubt, being residents of this state, people can raise their voice for the wrongdoings in the society. Yet, the point here which has been overlooked is that: Are we truly make and share this kind of meme stuff for getting rights for others, or we only share these sorts of stuff over our timeline just getting some ‘haha’ reactions, likes and comments?

And sadly, the majority falls under the latter category where we only share posts just to add humour to our wall and nothing much. Moreover, in all these things we make ourselves the critics where we harshly criticize others without getting to know their behind the scenes. And we also take this matter to that extent which ultimately impacts the victimized person and the most brutal consequences come across in terms of deprivation of life and others.

Hence, we should acknowledge that there exist superior authorities that are proficient at doing this work and should let courts do justice.



Film subjects in Pakistan

It is an undeniable fact that literature has always remained a chief chanter of a nation’s valour, be it in the ancient worlds of Greece, Rome and Persia, or in modern day worlds of Europe and America. In Pakistan, literature does not seem to be serving its purpose like the way it should. We have seen a dramatic revolution in literary genres with cinema taking a lead role, and in recent times, our neighbouring nations have been able to represent their heroics through movies.

Unfortunately, our film and drama industries have largely been busy in making films on trivial subjects that have very negative impact on our society. The stories usually revolve around women plotting against other women, love triangles or stuff that could make certain relationships appear as rivals. No informative program has ever been displayed in the form of drama series or movies.

Our history is rich and beautiful and can make a wonderfully informative and interesting subject for films or dramas but, we have turned a blind eye to our country’s achievements. It is humbly requested to film producers of Pakistan to consider subjects which deal with national heroism like: narration of how we freed a portion of Kashmir, and of our nuclear atomic success, so that our generations may feel proud of our pride—Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!


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Aryan’s arrest was illegal

Now that Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan has been acquitted of all charges in the Mumbai cruise ship drugs case, he should be compensated for having spent 22 days in jail. His arrest was illegal and he was arrested for the crime he had not committed.


Mumbai, India

Don’t unveil the veil

In this era of social media, no one cares about anyone’s confidentiality. It has become normal to disseminate positives and negatives of a person without considering the consequences, it brings about. On one hand, positive aspects of a man’s life create sense of pride, confidence, appreciation and encouragement that makes the life jolly, on the other hand, negatives lead to destruction and ruins a man’s life along with his entire family.

Nowadays, social media is very common and easily accessible tool to dishonour someone by spreading fake and shameless news that results in defamation and disrespect. One careless click of a finger usually costs heavily like depression and in some cases suicide. There are a number of such cases in our country, the current one is of the famous anchor person Aamir Liaquat’s leaked video that may be attributed to his death. Such cases have claimed lots of lives and caused huge morale damage to our society.

Therefore, it’s our prime responsibility to take care of everyone’s privacy and avoid the misuse of social media to prevent such incidents that demands huge cost in terms of human life and bad stigma to a man’s character. It is also responsibility of the concerned governmental organizations to keep check on and discard such news items that spread hatred and cause mental disturbance leading to death. Moreover, strict action should be taken against those circulating that kind of videos like charging with hefty amount of fine.



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