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Ad-hoc relief for pensioners

The federal government in budget 2022.23 has allowed merger of ad-hoc relief allowances from 2016, to 2021 in the basic pay of the government employees to extend them financial support despite financial crisis and constraints but ironically employees who have retired from service on attaining the age of superannuation during the period from 2016 to 2021 have not been allowed this relief of merger of ad-hoc relief allowances in their basic pay without any plausible justification and reasoning.

Had ad-hoc relief allowances been ordered to be merged in the basic pay of the employees earlier, then they would also be benefitted like serving employees but this merger has been ordered in the budget 2022-23 allowing it only to serving employees from 2016 which appears to be harsh, irrational and unjust decision and unfair treatment to all pensioners without any fault on their part. The employees who retired during the period from 2016 to 2021 are equally entitled to be granted this merger till the date of their retirement in accordance with law to facilitate them. As their growing age and plight requires more consideration for this grant of relief.

I, therefore, earnestly request the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Federal Finance Minister to kindly take cognizance of this ambiguity and disparity and consider this humble submission sympathetically on merit and grant this relief of merging ad-hoc relief allowances to all those pensioners in their basic pay too from 2016 to 2021 during that period only when they were in service to meet the ends of justice please.


Hyderabad Sindh

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a type of bullying which is done through use of internet. It is annoying, angering or targeting people on social media, gaming platforms or messaging platforms. Nowadays most of the people are involved in cyber bullying either intentionally or unintentionally. Particularly, people who are involved intentionally in this crime leak private videos or photos of others, make memes on others through use of digital technologies.

On the other hand, there are people who blindly share this stuff on other platforms and make them viral which ruin life of the victims. As a good citizen, we have to think over it. Before sharing anything we should think its consequences on others. Many happy couples broke up due to these activities. We should now think to what extent we will get it? Will we take action in stopping this? Do we have a moral courage to condemn such activities? We will have to decide.

We have many examples of being victim of Cyber bullying. We have most prominent and latest example of Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, what happened to him. People were targeting him continuously. They were enjoying sharing memes on his private life and his leaked videos only to get some likes or growing their social media IDs. No one should have authority to share someone’s private life on social media. Cyber security departments should take action against such people. Everyone has a right of privacy in our country’s Constitution and international laws. No one should interfere in someone’s personal life in such a way that leads others to death. People were continuously trolling him that led him to depression and ultimately to death. So we have to think now, when will we stop this? How much other lives would be a victim of this brutal bullying, Think, Think over it!!



Hybrid system

The break-up of the hybrid system which depended on the establishment’s support has exposed the lack of competence in the PTI leadership.

Among other things, PTI has lost Punjab which it had ruled for more than three years and where its leadership claimed its rule for the next 5 years. PTI leadership proved unable to play any role in the political crisis that has hit the province.

The recently-appointed party chief of the province resigned within weeks. Punjab was ‘ruled’ by a single man but the Punjab party has been divided into three regions led by three presidents for lack of a single suitable leader capable of running the party affairs. Imran Khan was removed as PM through a democratic process.

Within a week he received another shock as Hamza Shehbaz was elected CM of Punjab with the help of PTI dissidents. The failure of the Long March showed that after the loss of Punjab it might become difficult for PTI to put up major power shows in proposed long march. Imran Khan, who is scared of arrest, might not feel secure in the province.

Henceforth KP was to be the sole reliable province from where PTI leaders could freely call their opponents traitors, thieves, looters and so on. In the case of Mr Khan this amounts to confining a big Fish to a small pond. The ECP has announced by-polls to 20 Punjab constituencies on July 17.

The other five comprise seats reserved for women and non-Muslims. With the ruling alliance united and the PML(N) and PPP putting up joint candidates, there is a likelihood of the alliance out-voting the PTI totally. The cracks in PTI also pose a dismal picture for PTI workers as well.




While countries in the West move towards enlightenment, Pakistan is moving towards darkness. The country, suffering from terrorism, has much graver problems and one of them is load-shedding. It is the 21st Century and there is no electricity in Pakistan! Alas!

People are crying their hearts out in front of the government to provide them with the basic necessity of electricity but the government seems to have no clue about how to solve this problem. Energy shortage is the result of the power demand and supply gap.

The authorities concerned are earnestly requested to help solve the issue so that people may take a sigh of relief in such scorching heat.




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