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Saturday must be off

I am currently enrolled as a BBA student at Sukkur IBA. I am writing this piece in order to raise the issue that students are facing hardships due to hectic schedule and not getting a proper weekend for themselves.

As we all are well aware of how stressful life is at the university. The National Union of Students reports that the top three sources of stress among students are: (i) Coursework deadlines, (ii) Exams & (iii) balancing study with other commitments.

Going to university can also mean living away from home for the first time, less sleep, poor eating habits and money worries and during these chaotic conditions a student needs is a good weekend. By weekend I mean Saturday+ Sunday must be off, so that students can get a good amount of sleep plus do extra tasks or revise previous assignments.

A good prolonged weekend helps in refreshing the mind, enhance their performance and increase their creativity and much more. As all the students are in bad need of getting their Saturdays off, I request you to highlight this issue through your newspaper.



Aryan Khan’s arrest was illegal

Now that Aryan Khan has been cleared of all charges, should he be compensated for having spent time in jail? Yes, he should. His arrest was illegal and he was arrested for the crime he had not committed.


Mumbai, India

Kiss of death

Using GB WhatsApp, you can hide recent messages, auto-reply, directly download friends’ status, hide read receipts, and more. For user interaction and advanced feature, many users use GB WhatsApp. But little did they know it was risky. There are many apps in the market related to WhatsApp and they also offer many additional features. Because of this, many people install them as well.

For example, GB WhatsApp gets many features like hiding online status, changing icon or theme colour and more. This means that by using GB WhatsApp you will get additional features that the official WhatsApp does not offer. You may have a question in mind, do I get these features for free, so why am I not using GB WhatsApp?

But officially WhatsApp, your chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means only you and your contacts can view the messages, photos or videos. Even when you install GB WhatsApp for the first time, it asks for permission and you also allow it. But you didn’t know that they can steal your data in the background.

The biggest and most important disadvantage of GB WhatsApp is that there is no official website. That is, if your data has been leaked by using GB WhatsApp, there is nothing you can do. The second disadvantage of GB WhatsApp is that this app is not verified by Google Play Protect because this does not follow Play Stores terms and conditions.

The next disadvantage is that there are many ways to inject virus or malware into your phone via GB WhatsApp. Because GB WhatsApp is hosted on a less secured hosted server. You can read some secret tips to protect your phone. In addition, when you share your personal messages with your loved one, there is a big chance that a third person can read them.Also, the third person can read any information you share through GB WhatsApp. Because GB WhatsApp is hosted on a less secure server.

You understand that by using GB WhatsApp your WhatsApp data is not safe. Also, your phone information is not safe. I mean if you use your phone for financial transactions there is an opportunity to track your password or PIN.


Malir Karachi

Sri Lankan economic crisis

It is the country’s worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948. It has led to unprecedented levels of inflation, near-depletion of foreign exchange reserves, shortage of medical supplies and an increase in prices of basic commodities.

An increasing pressure of international debt, a decline in tourism as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, a decrease in the value of the Sri Lankan currency and a currency deficit – all of which are responsible for the current critical situation of the island nation in one way or the other.



We need libraries


Turbat is one of the largest cities of Pakistan. But unfortunately, there is no good library for the students to study.

It seems that government does not want to educate the upcoming generation for building a powerful nation. Due to the lack of libraries, students undergo trouble; they don’t know how to continue their studies in this hard situation.

On the other hand, if I talk about the importance of library, it has many advantages and essential for students. As we all know that a library plays a fundamental role throughout life, particularly for students. Library is the only place where students can find latest and oldest editions of books.

However, sometimes students require those books which they cannot get from any bookshop but they can easily find them in libraries. Therefore, it is my request to the educational authorities to provide a library in every city so that students must continue their studies.



Intensifying racial sparks

It is a matter of great sorrow that our educational institutions having rich heritage and glowing past have always been badly affected by student politics. Students’ participation and understanding the politics flux is, in fact, a good thing but it has ultimately given rise to the ethical, sectarian and cultural radicalism among them.

The recent riots that happened in the Punjab University; one of the biggest educational institutions in Pakistan, is a clear example of what this radicalism is doing to our students. It not only affects the educational atmosphere of the institution but also very badly affects other students psychologically.

It is time for the concerned authorities to think about this matter seriously and to take some practical steps rather than just talking to ensure a peaceful, conflict free environment.