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Defanging investigation branches

This refers to the news report ‘CJP takes suo motu notice of ‘perceived interference’ (May 19). According to the news report, the Chief Justice of Pakistan took the suo notice on the recommendations of a fellow apex court judge about the “perceived interference in the independence of the prosecution branch in performance of its powers and duties for the investigation and prosecution of pending criminal matters involving persons in authority in the government today.”

Of course, there have been reports of a flurry of transfers and postings of key officials in the investigation and prosecution branches while there are also reports about proposed defanging of NAB, FIA etc. There were also reports of indictment of the top state and Punjab officials having been postponed many times because of their unavailability for court appearance. Of course, these ‘developments’ make this particular suo motu notice most appropriate and welcome.

We recently heard on television a former Senate Chairman and two-time Acting President supporting government ‘reforms’. He criticized the provision which, in assets beyond means cases, places the burden of proof on the accused. He quoted two ‘internationally-accepted’ principles which he claimed to be that a person is treated as innocent until proven guilty and that the burden of proof is on the accuser.

I would say that the first part of his statement is indeed true but the later one is not the whole truth. I know that in the UK – on which our legal system is based – in cases of owning assets beyond means or living beyond the known and declared income, the accusing officials have to prove only the ownership of assets – directly or indirectly – or the extent of the expenses. And if these happen to be beyond his known or declared income, the accused person is required to prove how he financed all this. And in case he fails to prove a genuine source, like inheritance etc, it is taken to be illicit income. And this is quite fair.



Value of personal competence!


The process of Capacity Building is of immense significance, especially in the new era of commencing businesses, with a focus on Human Resource Development. The maintenance, reinforcement, and building of strength in employees; their skills, capabilities, competence, result-induced efficiency, and output-producing abilities, are required by the organizations to thrive and succeed in a fast pace world, with a swiftly changing environment.

Building capacity is the key ingredient in the recipe of success; someone is not necessarily gifted, blessed, or chosen, there is a great amount of effort behind the apparent quick successes in most cases. The uniquely gifted ones generally cook a recipe for success with the most basic ingredients, which we all can master. The businesses that know how to move with the fast-changing world work on the capacity building of individuals associated with them, the workforce, the executives, and their community.

Leading Real estate builder works towards their beliefs in furthering the abilities of its employees to become the leader in its market, being the torchbearer of change and growth in the Real Estate Industry. The performance of the business, and eventually the expansion of the industry, result in the evolution of the community and the development of the country.

Builders like AAA Associates hold many such programs for the growth of its employees including the recently conducted series of lectures by Real Estate Experts and Sales Executives. Capacity building covers certain personal areas of growth which when combined collectively work wonders for the individuals and the organizations they work for. The spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacities of the personnel and executives are the focus of the capacity-building program in various departments and fields of the company.



Great green revolution

The scorching sun we face these days is a pure reflection of “you reap what you sow” proverb. The pace with which we are cutting trees and our ozone layer depletion is fastening up day by day, we need to take BIG steps as quickly as possible before it gets uncontrollably dangerous.

As deforestation is done before constructing road or any other infrastructure, then there should be strict rule to plant double or at least same number of trees. Secondly, publicly it must be encouraged to plant trees outside their houses. There must be such green activities in schools also. For instance every student in every class should be assigned a project to plant and grow a tree until their school life. These kinds of steps will help us same humans as well as animals from these heat waves.



SPSC Sindh

Tests held, exam was taken and interviews were conducted, but astonishingly selected aspirants are still waiting for their joining orders. It is mysterious for common candidates to understand the game behind commission. But one can easily perceive that it might be due to some kind of sweets asked to candidates to give.

Candidates, who worked hard day and night to ace the exam, put all his energies to make his parents proud and serve his nation but in the end they had to oil the moustaches of officials. So, it is kind request to concerned authorities to take immediate measures to ensure credibility of commission and restore the belief of candidates.



Traffic jams

I would like to draw the attention of the transport authorities as well as law enforcement agencies to rising traffic jams in various parts of the city through the auspices of your prestigious newspaper. These traffic jams appear to be the result of law enforcement officials’ recklessness at times. However, most of these are caused by other reasons. The reasons of these bad things are usually people’s impulsive, harsh and dangerous driving.

At the same time, when a mishap or violent incident occurs, several routes are quickly stopped. Drivers of cars and buses as well as travellers, suffer greatly. They are depressed and tense as a result of the excessive delay created by traffic jams. People arrive at their employment or return home after wasting a significant amount of time. It consumes a lot of your time and energy. Unimaginable pain continues to befall a great number of people.



Political chaos

Just as we sighed in relief after the Corona pandemic, Pakistan’s political scenario shook us. We were settling into the new norm and dealing with the inflation already and the situation of Karachi became tensed once again. The three blasts in Karachi really made us feel we were back in ‘Purana Pakistan’.

It was heart wrenching to see that my already suffering city was bleeding. Once again we the people of Karachi are living in fear. Anything can happen anywhere, anytime. We the youth of Pakistan appeal to the entire political community to please spare the innocent lives lost in this battle of power. We want a peaceful environment. Only then can we flourish into a prosperous nation.




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