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Advice for PM, PDM leaders

The current awfully abysmal state of the country’s economy warrants immediate adoption of some profoundly harsh and unpopular measures. It goes without saying, these immensely harsh and obnoxious measures, when taken, will, for certain, generate a serious backlash from the masses.

Needless to say, this will provide the detractors of the present government a perfect opportunity to exploit the situation to their advantage, and cash it by launching a strong tirade of criticism against the government. Unambiguously, the acrimony of the economically battered people would be extremely difficult for the government in the saddle to handle.

So, what should be done? There are two cogent options before the incumbent multi-party coalition government of PDM: (1) Take the obnoxious anti-people economic measures, as a result bear the wrath of the downtrodden masses, and give its detractors the opportunity to exploit the situation arising from public backlash to their advantage. (2) Alternately, dissolve the parliament, announce early elections, ensure free and fair elections, and seek fresh mandate from the people. Endeavour to return to the parliament with two-thirds majority, so as to be able to take bold people-centered decisions and bring the country’s utterly derailed economy back on track.

If you were to ask me, I would unhesitatingly suggest, for obvious reasons, go for the second option. In addressing this issue of immense national significance and interest, time is of the essence. The government will need to act briskly on this matter, as the economic challenges confronting the country are formidable and need to be addressed on a war-footing.



Karachi bleeds!

Karachi, the largest economical hub of the country, met with 3rd explosion in a short span of time where innocent people lost their precious lives. The city of lights met with the recent blast two days ago in which a woman died and a dozen others injured including police officers. It looks that law enforcement agencies have failed again to maintain law and order in the city. Earlier, a woman blasted herself at the gate of Karachi University where three Chinese professors became the victim along with their Pakistani driver.

Though the security officers reached the spot on time to rescue the injured people but who will bring back the life of the mother whose daughter was crying and calling her mother to come back mom! The area where the blast occurred is densely populated and it could have more damage. Pakistan, particularly Karachi, has witnessed many such incidents in the recent past which claimed the life of many innocents. The current democratic government should take immediate actions against the culprits and should severely be punished.

The city of lights is also one of the largest cities in Pakistan having the largest population as well. People around the country visit Karachi for jobs and other purposes.

It should be the top priority of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace in the city. Stop Karachi from bleeding and make it safe for living because if Karachi is safe, Pakistan’s economy is also safe. People of Karachi have sacrificed many lives in such brutal blasts in the past. Therefore, government should take timely action to avoid such heinous acts in future.



Killer rage..!

When I lose my temper, I lose my reason too; I’m never proud of anything, which angrily I do. The child looked at his father, who red with rage yelled into the phone. “You idiot, d’you know who I am?” “Dad..” said the little boy.

“Shut up son, this idiot needs to be put in his place.” “Dad..” “What is it? Can’t it wait?” “Dad who is it?” “A damn telemarketeer, trying to act impertinent!” “Is he a big man dad?” “He’s just a mere telemarketeer .” “No dad.” “What d’you mean no?” “He’s a big man dad.” “What are you talking about son?” “Have you seen him dad?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?” “Have you seen him dad?” “I said what kind of a stupid…” “He’s a big man dad.” “What d’you mean son?” “He’s got you dead dad.” “Me dead? I’ll have him dead.” “Dad you’re perspiring. You’re growing purple.” “That man,” “Yes dad, that man’s got you mad. Sit down dad”

“Why son?” “So that when you have a stroke you won’t fall and break your head also.” “Who said anything about a stroke?” “Look in the mirror dad.” “Okay son, you win. That man just got me mad.” “He’s a big man dad.” “He’s not.” “He is dad.” “How? Why?”

“He nearly killed you dad, without even moving from his phone.” “I could have killed him.” “No dad he could have killed you.” “Son!” “Yes dad?” “Thank you,” “Gee dad, I just want you alive..!”



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