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marriage in rural areas

Child marriage has been a serious problem for the people of Pakistan for years, especially for girls in rural areas. Everyone knows that children are supposed to go to school. They are meant to learn and know the world. Unfortunately, the children instead of being sent to school are sent to a home where she gets married at a very immature age. We all should know that children face numerous problems in childhood marriage. They lose their dreams, their home and many more. This is high time to know that marriage requires a certain age. Therefore, this is my humble request to the parents to know the exact age for marriage. They are requested not to destroy the life of their children by getting them married in their childhood.


Malir, Karachi

Rape is


Scared? No, petrified. I am terrified to the core. I feel helpless, powerless. Look how impotent I am, that I am relying on a bunch of bricks and cement to keep myself safe. How feeble I am that I am dependent on a plastic button or a key, that if I don’t press the button I won’t be safe in my own car. The objects that can easily be destroyed have more power than me. I am practically drowning in regret of my existence at this moment. But why is that? Why am I scared? I am doing everything that I have been taught, not to be the victim of their ravenous. I cover myself when I am out. I always look down when there are men around me because if I don’t do this they won’t be able to resist me. You taught me to walk on eggshells all my life. You taught me wrong because none of this is going to keep me safe.

All those women who saw the massacre of their self-worth buried in front of them under a soul-crushing load of silence, every moment would have been like the annihilation of their spirit, with every passing second they would have struggled for breath, they would have screamed for help, they would have tried to break free from the wrenching pain and escape, they would have felt the dread and terror in that heavy, never-ending moment of their misery, they would have tried to rescue themselves but the burden and bulk of those filthy barbarians were all over them. It was the slaughter of everything, their body, mind and soul.

So, maybe this is the right time to teach that instead of looking down, look into their eyes, and tell them that no one can ever overpower you. It is the right time to get rid of those ridiculous notations that you were not covered appropriately, or you were alone at that moment all by yourself. Rape is inexcusable, there’s nothing that can justify this no reason no explanation!



Who benefits from war?

When discussing the politics of war, a central premise is often put forward: Cui bono? Who benefits? All over the world, thousands of companies profit from war and violence – by selling weapons and military equipment, offering training and other services to the military or exploiting resources. Over several years, America has been producing about 37% of the weapons and arms used for mass destruction across the globe. Indo-Pak conflicts are notorious. Pakistan sought the help of USA while Russia came to India’s aid.

Now, those countries that are regular seller of their arms to Pakistan and India will be the sole beneficiary of conflicts between these two nations. In the South China disputes the ASEAN countries started buying arms more and more to counter Chinese threats. The weapons industry is considered a big wealthy business that supports an annual global arms trade worth around $100 billion.

Between 2002–2016, America sold arms and ammunition worth 197 billion dollars to almost 167 countries. A number of American companies sell weapons to countries around the world. Without considering if these nations follow the concepts and principles of democracy/civil rights. Thus, it doesn’t matter which country is held victorious, the companies supplying the arms without exception earns more profit. The way to make peace more profitable than war is to stop the world-wide sale of weapons. As long as this biggest human enterprise on the planet remain the weapons industry, which both profit on death and destruction, war is going to be more profitable than peace.



Character assassination in politics

Pakistani politics at times delineate itself as “dirty politics”. Some politicians tend to inculcate the private life and private affairs of their opponents. How does a politician live? What s/he has done in his past life? Marriages? Women Politicians are more prone to character bullying. This act not only affects their private life but also become a cause of mental torture. This move also discourages other females who want to become a politician in the future. They start thinking that they can also become a victim of this bullying. Social Media has made this inadmissible move easier. Laws are present to punish the people involved but these laws need concrete practicality. There is also a need for a collective effort by the whole society to discourage this shameful act.


D G Khan


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