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We are living in a period where hundred of thousands of people remain unemployed. I want to express my grave concern over the issue of rising rate of unemployment in the country and in particular Balochistan. People are sinking into menace of unemployment and poverty.

Balochistan has highest unemployment rate in the country. According to statistics, the unemployment rate is 4 percent in Balochistan. Demographically the largest province of Pakistan, Balochistan has a population of 12.34 million. Due to a lack of employment opportunities in Balochistan, the youth of the province is more vulnerable compared to other provinces.

The federal government asserted that CPEC would prove to be a game-changer and change fate of people of Balochistan yet this proved incorrect. People are not getting benefit of mega projects such as Reko Diq project and Gwadar Port project. Government should immediately start looking for a solution to this issue. They must be given jobs by the government so that they can live a better life.


Kech, Balochistan

Burden of poverty

An economically bleak society usually undergoes political instability and faces internal and external threats. Poverty and crimes often go hand in hand, which doesn’t bode well for a society. A country having poor masses always faces law and order issues. Majority of our people are deprived of basic food and medical facilities due to poverty. Furthermore, in these circumstances, how can a poor man provide education to his children? This is why our people are generally illiterate, unskilled.

The present and past governments have been attempting to prevent and eradicate poverty by encouraging foreign investment and increase job opportunities. In this regard, the food support programme, (khushhal) Pakistan programme, Pakistan rural support programme and (Benazir) income support programme etc are important measures, however, these have helped little in poverty alleviation.For curbing the issue of poverty, birth control, proper planning, equitable resource distribution, provision of standard educational facilities, Increase in the use of modern technology and private sector development are essential steps.


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Impact of video games

The relationship between violent video games and violent behaviour has become a hot issue. Violent video games increase aggressive behaviour of a person and because of these video games youth is not concentrating on their heath, education and family. Therefore, video games are increasing violent behaviour.

Playing violent video games like Doom, PUBG etc can increase a person’s behaviour according to American Psychological Associations (APA). Students who are having violent behaviour are mostly influenced by these video games and according to a lead author Anderson of Iowa State University, 227 college students who were having aggressive behaviour admitted their video games playing habits. This aggression is all because of these violent video games. Therefore, people should seriously avoid playing these kinds of violent video games that promote violent behaviour.


Turbat, Balochistan

Help to poor children

I daily see many poor children on roads, especially on Johar Town road. Poor children who don’t have resources to meet their requirements like food and clothing. They opt for begging, which is also one of the most common causes of road accidents.

Child beggars keep running in heavy traffic, they stop by cars at signals and without permission start cleaning mirrors and windscreens of vehicles. Run after cars for money and get hit by bikes and cars on the road. They trouble themselves and passengers and drivers on roads. I request all concerned to sort out this issue because these child beggars are doing this just to earn some money.


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THQ hospital

We are facing many issues in THQ hospital Burewala. People are not getting medicines while doctors are not regular. In emergency ward, two patients share a single bed. Doctors do not properly check patients in emergency ward. The shortage of staff at hospital means that it remains crowded all time. Shortage of doctors creates lot of problems for those people who are critically ill and need urgent care while patients wait for hours to receive treatment. Poor families visit these hospitals, yet management is very poor.

Punjab Government should resolve these issues and provide proper medicines and doctors to all such hospitals. Provincial government and hospital management should focus on these issues.


Burewala, Punjab

Drug addiction

It is extremely worrying that use of drugs is rapidly increasing in our country. A great number of youth is involved in this social evil. Future of any country is dependant on healthy and active youth yet our youth openly indulges in drug addiction. Every day many people are getting hooked on drugs. Taking drugs also devastates someone’s life. People should be arrested and punished who are supplying drugs and taking this activity as a lucrative business.


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