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Ill-mannered Sindh Police

I want to draw the attention of the Government to a grieving issue that has disturbed the passengers of Baluchistan which is the bumptiousness of Sindh police toward Baluchistan’s passengers.

The attitude of Karachi police towards the passengers of Balochistan is very dolorous. Looking at the attitude of the police, it seems that Baluchistan is another country and more like an opponent of Pakistan. Perhaps even foreigners are not treated in the same way the passengers of Balochistan are treated when travelling to Sindh.

In short, it is not shocking to say, the people of Balochistan are more afraid of the guards than the thieves. The Balochs are being looted near Sher Shah to Yousuf Goth often times now which has become unquestionably rife. If it continues like this, the aversion to the Sindh police will further increase in the hearts of Balochs. The government is requested to cope with the issue as soon as possible.


Malir Karachi

Jihad on

personal freedom

One is amused by the cacophony of the phrase ‘love jihad’, which has recently been popularised by certain Hindutva groups in India. The phrase is coined to denote a communal conspiracy in which Muslim men marry Hindu women after entrapping them in love affairs. There is nothing wrong if a Hindu woman decides to marry a Muslim man, or vice versa.

But rightwing groups portray a case of a Muslim man marrying a Hindu woman as part of a larger conspiracy aimed at converting Hindus to Islam. This leads to Hindu-Muslim polarisation which the Hindutva groups take advantage of. On the other hand, some BJP-ruled states are trying to interfere in the personal freedom of individuals guaranteed in the Constitution. They are trying to solve a contrived problem with a bad law for political gains.


Mumbai, India

Balochistan needs attention

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan not only in terms of land but also in terms of coastline and resources. Despite all this, the economic crisis, unemployment, hunger, illiteracy and innumerable other serious injustices like these are at their peak.

This is tragically happening, since the country became independent, it has been caught up in these problems, and the conditions there in the mineral rich province are worsening; in addition, there are numbers of other serious issues that are directly linked to the humanitarian crisis, including forced disappearances, daily sit-ins, scandals like UOB’s and hunger camps which the list continues.

The media black out and lack of internet transmission in Balochistan has aggravated the anger of its youths. It is an urgent need of the hour and the government should address these issues as soon as possible.



Time to wake up to natural disasters

It is extremely disturbing to know the latest warnings issued by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] about climate change-induced natural disasters up ahead. Post the latest climate change report released by the IPCC, almost all the media outlets have been highlighting the key takeaways from the report.

From Time Magazine to the New York Times to CNN to almost all the Asian media houses, the global media outlets have gone into detail about issues like climate change, global warming, sea level rise and the like. Overall, it is all about human activities that have been the major driver of all these natural disasters.

First off, countries from across the world should take serious and immediate steps to reduce the emissions of methane and carbon dioxide that have been the major contributors to the climate change crisis. But given the latest findings and current erratic weather patterns like intense tropical storms, it is amply clear that no concrete steps have been taken worldwide to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

On all these official occasions, the IPCC Climate Change reports have often been talking about sensible things like planting trees and developing forests as part of fighting the climate change issue. Interestingly enough, my native areas such as Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu have been hubs of natural resources like big trees, rivers, seas, mountains and other natural vistas apart from having been home to rigorous agricultural activities like crop cultivation. As a matter of fact, such green activities and natural canopies will definitely act as a protective layer against the so-called greenhouse effect.

On top of all, public awareness is crucial to the fight against climate change. In fact, great efforts by green activists like Greta Thunberg towards climate change mitigation should be encouraged and appreciated. Efforts like communicating all the IPCC climate change findings to people through proper channels and raising global/public awareness of climate change problems will go the extra mile to pitch for a strong fight against the issue so as to be able to save our beautiful planet.



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