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Help our Indian Muslim sisters get back

their hijab

Muslim women from all over the world should come together in support of our Indian sisters in this hour of need and help them in getting back their hijab which has been banned in some states of the country.


Mumbai, India

Towards transnational activities

It is quite interesting to note that passenger train services have commenced between India and Nepal. First up, such mutual understanding and bilateral cooperation are commanding and something worthy of emulation by other nations next door. Added to this, Nepal has been a beautiful country surrounded by Mother Nature and backed by a vibrant economy.

Plus, India is a country with vast geography covering so many states, people and their traditions. That said, both Nepal and India have always been on the same page on almost all the issues including the subject of boundary without a hint of animosity. This is indeed a way forward and way to go. Yet, these two nations have miles to go on political and economic matters.

Furthermore, all the vibrant Asian nations like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh should open their doors to new economic and political opportunities in the region. This means let there be many more cross-border activities mutually, politically and economically so as to avoid issues on the border or within the region.

Interestingly enough, my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu have been interconnected and well-equipped in terms of natural sources like water and agricultural/economic activities – all thanks to mutual understanding among people and their close proximity/hard work. The same way, a number of activities from people’s travel to politics to economy to cargo movement should be carried out between our beautiful and growing Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. No doubt such transnational activities will pave the way for a strong region capable of dealing with any future crisis out there – natural, political or economic.


Maharashtra, India

Please avoid arguing

Apropos to two diverse letters of different contributors to your newspaper. The first letter was “deceptive accusations” by Asif Khan published on 30 March. The writer argued with the letter “Attention please” by Parvez Moula Bakhsh.

Both the writers were encountering each other. Due to this other readers and writers of the opinion page are distracted. Thus, it is my request to both the writers not to argue and stop arguing with each other.

The editor is also requested to be strict and serious on such baseless regards. At the end, I just want to advise that never stop reading. Always read whatever you get because when you read you grow.


Malir Karachi

Adventurous for students

It is easy to become addicted, and research shows that students who spend too much time on social media can suffer from poor sleep, eye fatigue, negative body image, depression, anxiety, cyber-bullying, and more.

The study found that more time spent on the internet was associated with a decrease in communication with people in real life, fewer friends in real-life networks, and increases in depression and loneliness.

Since then, researchers have found similar trends in people who use Facebook in particular.


Malir Karachi

Dilapidated road

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the bad condition of roads in our locality. Kohi Goth is a small area located in district Malir, where industries are getting progressed. The Jam Kanda road plays a vital role.

Unfortunately, the road’s condition seems to be deplorable with countless potholes making the purpose of the road, a failure. Moreover, things get even worse in rainy days when potholes are not visible due to poor drainage system and the area becomes heavily accident prone. Hope that the authorities concerned will think about the road and take some remedial steps to make it pliable.


Malir, Karachi

Garbage not being removed

I am writing this piece in order to raise the issue that there is a lot of garbage on the back side of Girls College in Nishter Colony area of Lahore, due to which it is difficult for people to pass and due to which diseases are spreading and this garbage has been accumulated here for a long time.

There are houses here and they stink which causes a lot of problems. Because of this, people are getting cough, fever and many more diseases and even mosquitoes are breeding in this place.

The residents of the Colony want their area to be cleaned with a hope that their request would be heard by the quarters concerned favourably.


Via email


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