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Why a hatred towards Muslim community, Raj Thackeray?

Raj Thackeray who is the chief of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party made a statement a few days back at his rally at Shivaji Park that loudspeakers from all mosques in Maharashtra should be removed/banned and that madrasass should be raided by the police as Pakistani terrorists live inside them. This statement of his has hurt the Muslim community very badly not just in India but all over the world.

On the other hand, I appreciate Sanjay Raut (Member of the Rajya Sabha) for defending the Muslim community who said that loudspeakers from mosques in Maharashtra will not be removed as Maharashtra is ruled by the MVA (Maha Vikas Aghadi) government and not the BJP.

Sanjay Raut also said that PM Narendra Modi is taking people for a ride and has not kept his promise which he had made in 2014 of depositing Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of every Indian citizen. Why do you have a hatred towards the Muslim community, Mr. Raj Thackeray?


Mumbai, India

Mental health matters

Mental health refers to an individual’s psychological and emotional well being. It also means keeping our mind healthy. Proper mental health results in proper mental functioning which results in being productive in activities. People usually forget that the mind is also a part of our being, actually the most important part of our body. Many people generally focus on keeping their physical body healthy.

Man is only considered superior to other creation because of his highly developed brain. So, it is very important for us to keep our body and mind fit and healthy. Both mental and physical health is important for quality of life. An emotionally fit person will always feel vibrant and truly alive and will easily manage emotionally difficult situations.

Mental fitness follows physical fitness. There are many emotional factors that significantly affect our fitness level, like depression, aggression, negative thinking, anxiety, frustration etc. A person who is physically and mentally fit can easily cope up with any situation of distress and difficulty.

Our society needs to change its perception of mental illness or disorder. Mental illness usually causes because of stress, yet it is curable. Regular exercises like morning walk and meditation are great medicines for curing mental illness. It is also important to have a good diet and enough sleep.




I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards a surging skepticism campaign that is coming across as difficult for the public to deal with it as well as it is a hot potato for the public.

Residents are disheartened in living in this state because for surviving here they crave for the basic requirements. They find it hard to pay their bills at the given time even though they are being forced to pay the tabs on time.

Such as the bills of gas and electricity which are extremely significant for every house and everyone even though many people in the country are hardly able to pay because they are poor and hardly meet their both ends.

It is harming the precious health of the people because they always over-think. How to pay the bills and from where? Which has been the main cause of anxiety, depression and committing suicide. I request the government to help people in this regard.


Malir, Karachi


This refers to the letter “Role of newspapers “ by Nizam Ahmed (2 April). The writer has jotted down an amazing and totally self-made letter which has to be appreciated. Yes, we all have to agree that the newspaper is doing a significant role in our country to boost passion for reading and writing too.

I remember when my first letter was published in the Pakistan Observer. That made me read and write more. We all should thank the newspapers which are performing a brightening role in making us aware of most things too.

Let me end by just saying that when we read more, we know more. And when we write more. History will remember us because of our writings.



Is freedom of speech safe for common man?

We all know that the freedom of expression is a right of everyone but this is unfortunate that it has become one of the life threatening acts in most countries. Let us talk about facts and reports which clearly say that a large number of journalists and people who speak about rights are killed each year just because of expressing their opinions or asking something which hurt the powers.

The best example for this is the example of Sajid Hussain, a Baloch journalists and the chief editor of online news site “Balochistan Times”, who was killed by unknown forces in Sweden. There are several Pakistani journalists who have either been threatened or killed just because of talking publicly on points which were hurtful for powerful people.

Of course, freedom of expression is only a phrase which has no reality for the common people. There has not remained any reason to deny the fact that expressing one’s personal views on powerful people or states can be a cause of death or even enforced disappearance.

Furthermore, freedom of expression is only safe for politicians who are corrupt not the real and heroic journalists. Is there any one for deny the fact mentioned above that many journalists are killed worldwide only because of speaking the truth and unveiling the reality? Of course, not. Thus, I ask the government to ensure the safety of real heroes, journalists and the people who talk about the problems of people and confront powers.


Malir, Karachi


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