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Wasting our lands

Thousands of acres of precious agricultural land in our country are being grabbed by official and private housing societies to build housing and commercial projects. Though we need construction etc yet it should not be at the cost of destroying fertile lands seriously affecting our food security. If this trend continues then availability of grain, fruits and vegetables for coming generations would be seriously affected. To control this, we need to ban housing societies and other construction work on agricultural land. This is not a matter of one city, province or district but of whole nation. Higher authorities must realise importance of this issue and take immediate remedial steps.



Pubg game addiction

Number of suicides and other crimes due to Pubg is increasing all over the world including Pakistan. Pubg is an entertaining game, but what makes it addictive is its plotline. Users play in the war like situation, it is a multi-player game in which once the character is done away with, they can get more lives to play again. After playing it for few days, you became addictive to this game and can’t stop playing.

Pubg addiction causes anxiety, depression, suicide, self-harm and aggressive behaviour, less academic performance of students and mental health issues. Pubg makes gamers mentally ill, as it enjoys killing others in groups and seizing their property. So many Pubg players until the very end are exposed to new ways of committing crimes.

News like a teenager shot dead his mother, two sisters and a brother, a 20 old college student reportedly committed suicide after being scolded by his family for playing Pubg are often circulating on news channels. A Pubg addict shared his experience that how he got addicted to this game after playing few days. He stopped going out, meeting his friends, stopped taking food on time, even stopped taking baths regularly.

After a month, he was completely into the game. He had become frustrated and depressed person, yet his father helped him to overcome this addiction. Question is how can we prevent our youth from this harmful addiction. It is responsibility of parents to make sure that their children do not become addict to such games. Secondly government should totally ban all such games. Let youth find more replacement activities like spending time with family, increase their interaction and play physical sports.



Religious literacy

The misconceptions and conflicts in our society regarding religion are increasing day by day, while the primary goal of every religion is to bring peace to society. My aim of writing this letter is to highlight the importance of ‘religious literacy’ that is in my opinion is the only solution to this problem. Religious education aims to provide knowledge without exploring any sectarian differences.

The biggest problem we are encountering today is ‘Religious extremism’ which is because of lack of religious education in our society especially in our youth. In past centuries Islam was used, as an identity for Muslims yet today due to different misconceptions regarding Islam there is a big change in ideology of people. Due to difference of opinion we are facing religious conflicts and violence.

Different sects observe Islam using different ideologies and different notions on the basis of which sectarian violence has intensified in society. Due to lack of factual information society is facing religious intolerance and extremis. To sort out this serious issue in our society we have to encourage religious education in our society. A religiously literate individual is capable to make a difference between what is right and what is wrong. Religious literacy makes a person capable to reflect and act in a sensitive manner towards religious conceptions.

In order to modify the character building in our youth and to strengthen their views about religion government should facilitate religious education in our society. Religiously verified knowledge should be part of Academic curriculum and it should be practiced peacefully in society. I hope that we would see positive change in our society.




Nepotism means favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. It often occurs when there are poor policies and improperly trained leadership in place. It can also be caused by tribalism, fear of outsiders. It makes people feel less motivated and more alienated. It can also result in company losing proficient employees. It also hinders competition and innovation. These consequences will impact economic development as a whole and weaken an organisation. Since independence, people have always been a victim of nepotism. Even educational institutes are not free of this fatal disease.

Almost all government and private sector have become so corrupt, that deserving person cannot get their rights. For this reason, Pakistan is lagging behind the world in many fields. Islam strictly forbids nepotism. We should be honest with our organizations and ourselves. I request all to establish an anti-nepotism programme that is proactive. And should create a recruiting and promotion culture that is open and transparent. And should give opportunities to youth who have skills and talent.



Forced marriages

Forced marriages need to be highlighted in the world of today. These marriages are particularly common in some parts of South Asia and Africa. Our own country ‘Pakistan’ is involved in this unethical activity where forced marriages are considered as a norm.

Not only the outcomes of forced marriages are worst but also the initiatives, as in the most cases. Girls are married to some unknown person against their consent, as a debt negotiation or any dispute resolution. Sometimes girls or even boys are made to marry a person from family just to keep wealth in extended family. The traditional customs of dowry and bride price also contribute to practice of forced marriages as girls are sold into marriages. There are several other reasons for this practice.

This practice needs to end. It must, as the bond of marriage should be based on commitment and love, not on pressure and abuse. Government should prevent forced marriages and help victims. This is only done by raising awareness and informing people of there rights and educate communities in which forced marriage occurs so that they come to see individual choice, independence and free choice of partner as right.



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