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Naya and Purana Pakistan

What Pakistan needs is neither the Naya Pakistan branded by Imran Khan, nor the Purana Pakistan of Musharraf, MNS, Zardari or the Chaudhry Clan etc., but the Pakistan which our Founding Fathers visualized and was elaborated upon by Quaid-e-Azam.

We, as Muslims, must understand the significance of an oral oath, because recitation of the Kalima, makes you enter the fold of Islam. An individual can have faith in one religion and undivided loyalty and commitment to only one country. We need to follow and adopt Quaid’s Plan Pakistan with the basic structure he elaborated on 11 August 1947 while addressing the First Constituent Assembly.

He further elaborated on this plan on 14 June 1948 while addressing Staff College Quetta. For the past 75 years, various men who lacked the vision and intellect that MAJ and Allama Iqbal possessed, have thrust on this country various plans, with devastating consequences for the country.

We have endured the humiliation of surrender in 1971, witnessed sovereignty of Pakistan compromised by giving sanctuary to extremists and religious fanatics, formation of private militias, getting involved in proxy wars, while the country became hostage to greed of cartels and mafias, who have benefited from numerous amnesty schemes.

The conflicts of interests of our paid public office holders, coupled with financial indiscipline has driven this country to the brink of bankruptcy.

Time to stand-up for RULE Of LAW and supremacy of the Constitution and realize that the destiny of this nation should never be in the hands of individuals who have pledged loyalty to another country and have on oath pledged that “I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign state, or sovereignty, of which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen—” There is no confusion about the wordings of this oath.



Political instability

“Pakistan’s economy can neither endure political turbulence nor afford political instability at this crucial juncture “, said SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) President Iftikar Ali Malik in 2020.

The statement is pertinent for contemporary crisis. Primarily, the no-confidence motion which is predicted as political chaos. The motion seems to be an escalation rather than a satisfactory future . Confrontation, agitation, protest and violence is not a solution for economic woes of the nation .

In addition, the rupee has crossed 183.43 in the inter-bank market on Thursday, frightening for economic growth. Amendments in the infrastructure are requisite instead of creating dramatic politics.



Vulgar politics

Politicians in the country, have gone under the belt against one another in their speeches. No dignity remains in them after using such vulgar language. Each of them tries to disrepute the other in the eyes of populace but in doing so, they themselves are getting notorious in front of the world. There is a no patriotism in any of them but truly, egoism.

Due to such politics, the country has gone through grave consequences in the history and the same we see to repeat. Political instability has numerous adverse effects over the economic concerns. There is an inverse relation of political instability with economic growth.

In the history of Pakistan, none of the parliamentary form of government has completed its tenure. And that is intensely, insignificant for the country. It can as well be a cause for the slow growth of the country.

A PM of a country must not retort to the opposition with vulgar language as he is watched internationally. This matters for the repute of the country. Accordingly, it isn’t elegant for the senior politicians to cross the corridor of prestige by using informal words.

The beauty of democracy is in transparency not in such disgraceful politics. Owing to the top leadership, the common people as well, fight and use such vulgar language against one another in their political discussions.


Turbat Balochistan

Deus ex machina

Finally, PM Imran Khan spilled the beans on the mysterious cable and alleged that the foreign power is behind a conspiracy to oust him from his office by no-confidence vote on Sunday. And the opposition is playing a part of it’s facilitator, and thus is sell-out.

Whatever is the matter, the problem is that PM Imran Khan failed to deliver, and his government reneged on its promises. Had he delivered what he had promised with people during his election campaigns, the things might have been different today for him.Just pep talks and hallowed pledges won’t work. Now PM Imran Khan seems to have seen the writing on the wall and tries to galvanize his political support for next general election.

As for the opposition, it must go back to the past and do some introspection. It must be ashamed of the allegations and recriminations they levelled against each other just for political mileage, and now they sit together in the name of political expediency. And it is nobody’s guess when will they go against each other. As a result, in this power game, Pakistan and its poor people lose, elites enjoy.

Now as the days of PM Imran Khan has numbered, it is only devine help which can save him from his being ousted, which does not seem to be on the horizon. Whoever comes to the corridors of the power, one thing is for sure that if he does not deliver, he will definitely meet with tge similar fate of PM Imran Khan.




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