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The Leaks continue

The recent times have witnessed one leak after another exposing thousands of world leaders, notable politicians, ex and serving officials in the most explicit manner. Yet, there are no cogent explanations, no excuses, no worries, no persecutions, not much media discourse and as such no public outcry – complete insensitivity at all levels as it never happened or more appropriately who cares. These leaks quickly lose their shine and efficacy if not taken from an information to the next level of investigation and if deemed persecution. Right now, all the hard work that went into the Leaks seems destined to the lost ghettos of documentation archives.

Unfortunately, as per our own preferred choice, we are living in dark times of ignorance, unaware of the fast speed in which others are moving ahead. As an example one is dismayed to read about a 10-day deferment in a high profile money laundering case as the copies of documents provided to the Counsel of the accused were illegible. One fully understands these are normal delaying tactics which most of the legal fraternity uses, however, someone has to put a stop to this madness as it not only impedes the speed of justice and promotes immorality it also brings a bad name to our country.



Social media makes us unsocial

Social media has taken over our lives so indeliberately and has become so deeply rooted into our routines that it has become nearly impossible for us to make do without it. It has made everything accessible in a blink of an eye and has impacted both social and private aspects of our life.

Young generation is the prime target and resultantly the major victim of social media. Exposure to social media at a young age has adverse effect on mental, physical and social capabilities. It has indulged the sense of inferiority amongst people by setting unreal high standards for everything online. People judge and compare themselves according to the standards that social media has constructed leading to self-hatred and discontentment.

People no longer spend quality time together rather they prefer to spend most of their time on their phones. Communication and social skills are being deteriorated. Social media has created screen-induced dopamine addiction making physical activities not so necessary for general well-being. In later stage, it becomes the major contributor of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, body dysmorphia etc.

This needs to stop before it gets out of hands. Parents need to limit the screen timing of their children and monitor the content as well and they themselves have to set an example by practising it. More outdoor and practical activities should be encouraged for students to polish and sharpen their social skills. People need to get out of the illusion created by social media and start appreciating the little things around them. This would be helpful at both individual and community levels.



Back to school

Children must be feeling thrilled and excited that their schools have finally opened after the long drawn pandemic on account of which they were stuck with distance learning by way of online classes. Nothing can ever replace classroom education and the role teachers play in personally moulding our future in the centres of education. For this, we always need to remember them with gratitude.

Great teachers can make a big difference in our lives, for besides making a lasting impression in the classroom, they can have a positive influence in our lives. Teachers are more than mere educators. They also play a role as a dear friend, counsellor and mentor, especially in these challenging times students face. All this can never materialise through online teaching.

Fond memories of our dear teachers must forever linger. A regular teacher may merely direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire, guide and challenge us to carve out our path in life. We should always remain humble and heavily grateful to all our dear teachers who impart us with all the knowledge and guidance that help us immensely throughout our lives. To them all, we should very respectfully be ever indebted.


Mumbai, India

Escalation of road accidents

Transportation is a big source of travelling and road accidents are also a part of life. Most road accidents happen due to crash of one vehicle to another. The biggest reason for road accidents is overspending and secondly, underage driving. The way I see the main and biggest reason for road accidents is high speed. Some drivers don’t follow the rules to drive. They make over-speed which causes a road accident.

Furthermore, the second biggest reason for road accidents is underage driving. As can be seen, most of the drivers don’t have a legal license. They don’t know the proper driving skills and safety rules. Traffic officials must have to give fine tickets to the person who makes high speed and make it not negotiable and they must have to check the driving licence of the driver who is on the road and make the procedure driving licence easy. So, every person will be eligible for a driving licence.



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