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Hijab, rebuttal by Kuwait (!)

Prohibition on wearing hijab for Muslim girl students in educational institutions by Modi & Co., is a serious crime, according to every religion which has sparked an outrage amongst Muslim community. And, at last daughter of Ummah – Maskan Khan – was compelled to enter into her class voicing ‘Allah o Akbar; Allah o Akbar’ (!). And, this scribe is bound to say – Jazakomullah – for leadership of Kuwait which banned all BJP’s Parliamentarians according to Hadeith “Muslims are like one-body and when any part becomes in problem the whole body suffers certainly” (!!).

And, also, logically and legally question arises: If Hindus are allowed to put a bindi, pottu, vibhuti or a tilak; Sikhs to wear turban, then, why not Muslim girls are allowed for hijab/burqa (?). Modi & Co., so, illiterate and nonsense that they don’t know that hijab is a veil which many Muslim women wear according to their religion. This type of head-covering has been in existence for long even before Islam.

Whereas, Article-14 of the Constitution of India provides equality before law “The State shall not deny to any person equality before law within the territory of India”; also, Article-25 reads “All persons are equally entitled to the freedom of conscience and right to freely profess, practise and propagate religion”. So, most important (Q) is where is so-called: ICJ; United Nations; HRW; UNHRC; OIC – dead/sleeping deeply (?!).

O’ Modi & Co., look at pages of history, Muslims ruled India over 1000yrs and all communities lived peacefully. Whereas, Hindu/s till now not completed 100yrs and destruction of every community reached at the top. Even, low-caste Hindus, Christians… are not allowed to sit with them. So, everyone is compelled to appreciate rebuttel of Kuwaiti brothers to illiterate-Modi & Co, on ‘Hijab’ controversy, and hope so from others (!)


Tatrinote, AK


BB student protests


It is quite interesting to note that students in Bangladesh have been protesting against reckless driving that has claimed many lives in Bangladesh. Here what bothers the student community is that in Bangladesh, a considerable number of students have been killed in various road accidents due to reckless driving. Keeping such accidents in mind, Bangladeshi students have been protesting against road accidents for quite sometime now.

In fact, the BD media have been supportive of student protests right up till now. Almost all the English newspapers in Bangladesh have been pitching for student protests, giving their voice of support through writing. Incidentally, these protests fondly remind me of my college days in Tiruchendur and Tuticorin in the late 1990s when student protests demanding facilities were a common sight.

As an English content writer, I have been writing articles and blogs about pool fencing (a fence set up around swimming pools as part of safety measures) that has been made mandatory in countries like Australia. As a matter of fact, many countries like Australia have strictly been following pool safety measures. Such sincere efforts have been inspiring and encouraging to the core.

I would usually take precautionary steps while traveling in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere apart from asking others to stay safe. Unfortunately, I came to know about a fatal road accident in our area of Tirunelveli at the time of writing this letter. In human life, a small thing will make a big difference. Having discussed all, the international media and the government in Bangladesh should support student protests to find a permanent solution to road accidents.


Maharashtra, India

Road accidents

In the year 2021, unfortunate killings on roads continued on national highways from Karachi to Quetta. According to information from public and private sources, 1180 traffic accidents occurred on national highways in the year 2021. And 93 people lost their lives in accidents more than 1450 people were injured. In addition, the number of such accidents and injured people who were treated in private clinics is also high.

Balochistan is already deprived of basic needs that are available in other provinces. Many teachers, engineers, doctors, politicians have lost their precious lives. I urge government of Pakistan to make Balochistan a comfortable province for the people.


Turbat, Balochistan

Social media makes us unsocial

Social media has taken over our lives and has become so deeply rooted into our routines that it has become nearly impossible for us to make do without it. It has made everything accessible in a blink of an eye and has impacted both social and private aspects of our lives.

Young generation is the prime target, resultantly the major victim of social media. Exposure to social media at a young age has adverse effects on mental, physical and social capabilities. It has indulged the sense of inferiority amongst people by setting unreal high standards for everything online. People judge and compare themselves according to the standards that social media has constructed leading to self-hatred and discontentment.

People no longer spend quality time together rather they prefer spending most of their time on their phones. Communication and social skills are being deteriorated. Social media has created screen-induced dopamine addiction making physical activities not so necessary for general well-being. It becomes the major contributor to mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, body dysmorphia etc.

This needs to stop before it gets out of hands. Parents need to limit the screen timing of their children and monitor the content as well and they themselves have to set an example by practicing it. More outdoor and practical activities should be encouraged for students to polish and sharpen their social skills. People need to get out of the illusion created by social media and start appreciating the little things around them. This would be helpful at both individual and community levels.



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