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Water scarcity in Pakistan


The threat of a water crisis is looming over the entire world and Pakistan is no exception. In fact, it is among the most affected countries. According to IMF, Pakistan is in the third position in the list of countries facing acute water scarcity. Experts even fear that the people of Pakistan might face an acute water shortage by 2025.

The reasons behind water shortage are poor water management, its unwise use, climate change and lack of storage capacity. It is need of the hour that relevant institutions take immediate measures to counter this serious issue.

For this, awareness must be given to the masses for efficient usage of water. Similarly, dams must be constructed to store water. Pollution which is causing climate change must be controlled. All these measures collectively will help Pakistan overcome the issue of water scarcity.



Promote football

Pakistan is known for its cricket nowadays and it is also the season of Pakistan Super League-7, so everyone is just crazy about their favourite teams. No doubt, there are cricket fans in Pakistan but there is also a population of Pakistan who is crazy to watch as well as to play football. Some football-lover youngsters have made their teams and are playing locally. They want to go on an international level and it is their right also. There is no less talent in Pakistan but it is the opportunity that is lacking.

As we know there is also FIFA World Cup this year which is taking place in Qatar, an Asian country. However, Pakistan being an Asian country, is so behind in football. As a football lover, it is really disappointing for me as well as other individuals, as the only option remaining for them is to watch football on their TV screens. PSL, which was first held in Dubai, is now taking place in Pakistan and the fans are happy. Then why not football? It will also be helpful for creating better relationships with other countries. I want to ask the government to support and promote football in Pakistan and provide more facilities to the young and talented football players of Pakistan.



A valley sans facilities

Abraham Lincoln’s famous quotation “democracy is government of, by and for the people” doesn’t seem to be fit in with some backward villages of Gilgit-Baltistan. One such most oblivion valley sans any basic facility is Chashi Nallah, tehsil Phander, district Ghizer, GB, that consists of two adjacent villages named Gheji Juli and Tharleti.

Both villages are located on remote mountainous terrain with no health and education facilities, let alone infrastructure and internet. The misery of hapless residents can be imagined by the fact that both villages, despite having considerable population, do not have even a single dispensary for medication and first aid facilities. Unsurprising is the high maternal mortality rate of this valley.

There are no roads. Residents have to cover 18 to 20km distance to buy household items. Students also cover a long distance on foot to reach the only primary school nearby. Farming is only their way of income. But, adding to their misery, over a few years, it is badly affected by the growing erratic weather patterns due to climate change adversaries.

Apathetic local government is showing a persistent nonchalance towards this valley aplentiful of woes. I—being a social activist—have taken an initiative to help them provide with free medical camp, books and clothes to an extent of the affordability of my Foundation. My question is: will GB government relinquish its attitude of constant indifference towards this valley sans facilities ever?


Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan

Schools need immediate support

Government Boys Higher Secondary School Talhar (SEMIS Code 401050303) is among the oldest schools of district Badin. This is the Taluka Headquarters’ main higher secondary school, having enrolment of more than 1000 students, mostly belonging to rural areas and poor families. This school has been ignored by education authorities and elected members of the area as well.

At present this school is in dismal condition, no proper furniture, no lab material, no proper drinking water, most ceiling fans are out of order, and mainly shortage of classrooms have forced many students out of school. In this modern age one can find every kind of furniture in this school like chairs, dual desks, 3 person desks and even flat benches but most of them are unfit to use. Under these conditions many students are regular absentees and their right of education is being violated.

It looks like no official from the district education department visits this school and takes notice of the pathetic condition of the school. The requests made by the school management are being thrown in the dustbin as well. It is requested to CM Sindh, Provincial Education Minister, relevant MNA, MPA, DC Badin and District Education Officer to take notice of this and provide immediate support to this school from E & P Companies Production Bonus amount.



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