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Save your Hijabs

Islam has given rights to all human beings whether Muslims or non-Muslims. It provides us protection. As there’s a guideline for all of us in Quran and it emphasizes that a woman should be in proper veil. In 2010, in France, a law was passed that the women should not wear hijab in public places like markets, offices and such other areas like this. Islam is not about restriction, it’s all about protection.
So, in my opinion there should be a law in Pakistan that women should be in proper Hijab in public. We don’t need to cover or save our hijab, we need to save our Islam. We should make a prayer that Allah please don’t let our Islam deviate. There’s nothing bad in being Modem but Modernism doesn’t mean that you become so shameful that you forget the golden principles of Islam.
Hijab has its beauty and it’s much more fascinating than any vogue of current era. This protection has been provided to us by the Almighty and wearing Hijab doesn’t reduce our beauty or status, rather it increases one’s beauty to a great extent. I’m not saying that we should start from upper level but at least we should try a little bit; perhaps it brings a positive change in our society and our disturbed life. It could be a great step in making our society safer and our women to breathe in a calm and safer atmosphere.

Iqrar bore
the brunt

Iqrar-ull-Hassan, senior anchor of ARY news channel and its crime program led by himself with its members, was rushed to hospital the other day due to the IB Intelligence Bureau officials and guards’ barbarism over them, leaving us hopeless for the layman and their rights. He planned to enter with his team into the IB office and to interview them with regard to some irregularities.
However, he along with his team was beaten black and blue by their officials for four hours. They gave electric shocks in addition to physical beating. Even the officials made videos when they were in hot water as reported by Iqrar by himself. He looked very lenient and straightforward, having a warm smile while giving a message. At last, he indicated that his life is in more danger than before.
Being a student and fan of Iqrar, it is very lugubrious to me that such barbarism even exists for the people who stand for law. Additionally, it is a time of anxiousness for this society, its systems, its institutions, its government and its law enforcement authorities because, anything can happen with layman anytime.

Time to imbibe modernism

When a society is attached to its traditions, cultural and social values, it may not ready to bring any change and reform to its structure. In this case, it becomes stagnant and sterile. If a society cannot alter itself at a time when it needs reformation of its institutions, all efforts for reformation become futile.
If we sketch the present scenario of our society, then Prime Minister Imran Khan’s motive of turning this state into the Riyasat-e-Madina and his directionless efforts for this purpose are the glaring examples in this regard. A Turkish political scientist, Ahmet T. Kuru, in his book, ‘’Islam, Authoritarianism and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison’’, has depicted the root cause of underdevelopment in the Muslim world. According to him, every time, Muslim society used religion as a tool to repair, reshape and revolutionize its grievances.
He, while describing the success and failure of Muslim world and Europe, explained that the time period from 8th to 11th century was marked as the golden period of Muslim society. Because, during this time span, Muslim society maintained a separation between religious leaders and intellectuals or speculative thinkers. At that time, Muslim polymaths dazzled the world with their achievements and contribution in the field of medicine, mathematics, astronomy and agriculture, while Europe stuck in religious orthodoxy.
During this period, Muslim religious leaders like, Imam Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal and Shafi, refused to become servants of the state. But after the 11th century, things began to change, Europe began emerging from dark ages by separating church from the state and established world class universities, while Muslims became the victim of robust Ulema-State nexus and dogmatic thought. In this context, same is happening in the case of Pakistan. We still stuck in the tussle of ideologies.

Child abuse

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities and common masses towards child abuse. Child abuse is an issue which is increasing at an alarming rate.
Children are being physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused on a daily basis and they are too afraid to speak up about it. This is mainly because they realise that the adults around them are not doing anything to prevent it. Child abuse is a problem that affects everyone. So, everyone needs to take a stand against it. We see a lot of these stories on TV, hear them on the radio or read about them in the paper and we express a moment of disgust. But how many of us give it a second thought?
Child abuse endangers the health and welfare of children. It leaves deep scars on a child’s body and mind. We should not let any more of our children suffer because of our silence. Moreover, the parents, as well as the teachers, should keep a regular check and educate the children about physical abuse. I shall be greatly pleased if you kindly publish the following letter in your news-paper.


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