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Social media

Most of the social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram are diverting today’s youth. What is the most shocking is that everybody has a Smartphone and everyone is wasting his/her time anyhow.
Look at today’s people and look at the older people from 1954 to 1968. I mean our parents and our grandparents; are they all naïve, simple and foolish like us? Aren’t they all smart creatures experiencing life before the Internet came into existence? Something is wrong with this world, all this social media, TV, music industry, all these stuff are pre-designed to brainwash a human mind.
All this shit should be our first concern when we are talking about the young generation. We have to stop the youth from being brainwashed by these silly things like Memes, Nudity, Gaming. Gaming is also a big curse to human society actually. Anyhow, prevention is better than cure. Be the change you want to see in the world because nobody knows more than a minuscule fraction of what’s going on in the world.

Corruption in education system

Syllabus has not been revised and children are still reading about inventions of the 20th century. Education system in Karachi is so corrupted that it has crossed all boundaries. Bribing and leaked papers before exam has become extremely common. Absence of strict invigilation motivates students to cheat. There is no fair marking system.
Corruption in education system and low quality education does not give chance to poor people to excel at studies and prove their worth. Most of the students struggle in universities because of difference in quality of education. Revised books and syllabus are desperately needed to raise the standard or else we will soon become a backward nation. I would request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and take appropriate measures immediately for the sake of future of Pakistan.

PM promise

The Pakistan cricket team has recently lost badly to Australia at their home in all formats and has broken Bangladesh’s record of losing 13 test matches constantly. A question arises in the mind of every person that in spite of the winner of World Cup {1992} why the Premier Imran Khan doesn’t look into the matter?
I still remember that one day the PM Imran Khan was sitting among children in a TV show and he was questioned by a child that why he didn’t become the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board for the betterment of Pakistan cricket team? PM smiled and responded that Pakistan had been facing a large number of problems which drastically need to be resolved.
The PM further replied that he would solve all the problems if voted to power. Likewise, Pakistan cricket team would become automatically the best cricket team of the world and he promised them that Pakistan cricket team would win every world cup in his tenure. Thus, it is my request to PM to fulfil his promise which he had made with the children in the above-referred TV show.

Digital Pakistan

It is heartening to know that Pakistan has embarked upon Digital Policy. It is in line with the United Nations directives. The policy’s vision is “The Government of Pakistan (GoP) strives to improve its citizens’ quality of life and economic wellbeing by ensuring availability of accessible, affordable, reliable, universal and high quality ICT services. GoP strongly believes in mass adoption of emerging digital technologies and innovative applications to enable cross-sector socio-economic development and transformation of economic activities, governance models, social interaction and achievement of sustainable development goals.”
A simple question arises, do we have any or least infrastructure for providing information communication technology services to majority of our population. Where load-shedding is uncontrollable, where basic amenities of life are out of reach of most of the people, where prices of average mobiles and their affordability is beyond reach, how a digital policy can benefit masses. It is earnestly requested that government must focus on provision of jobs to millions of unemployed youth.

Rawalpindi Cleanliness

It becomes one to two weeks and no scavenger will come in our area so that’s why people throw their garbage everywhere in open areas such as drains, streets, parks and even front of mosque which is Muslim’s most revered place. It blocks all the roads with the heaps of garbage which also leads to traffic jams as well. It also generates the mosquitoes in large numbers which may cause to increase the number of dengue patients in our country.
Islamabad and Rawalpindi are twin cities of Pakistan, but they both are different in terms of cleanliness so what is the reason behind them? Islamabad is the capital city, it is enough to have better cleanliness regardless of other? So what about the cleanliness level of other cities? Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) was established in the second half of year 2013 and it grew and got strengthened so quickly that merely in a period of one year it took over five cities of Rawalpindi District, they said they are providing solid waste management services in an efficient and effective manner.
Our society needs awareness to keep our city neat and clean. Concerned authorities need to arrange some seminars, campaigns about cleanliness to aware people. I wish concernd authorities will take an action and come up with some tangible ways to cover the garbage problem in Rawalpindi.

Wave of screen addiction

Nowadays, from young children to adults and even elders everyone has screen addiction. Everyone spends a fair amount of time in front of screens with the help of various digital devices. Moreover, the platforms like Netflix or other binge watching shows involves huge amount of people without being known they are addicted towards the screens. However, it has numerous side effects. Many researchers have already done researches in this regard, which show that the excess screen time can actually lead towards impair brain development or can lead to serious medicinal conditions such as diabetes due to sedentary lifestyles.
Furthermore, the major consequences of screen addiction are sleep deprivation, isolation, loss of cognitive ability, physical strain for body and eyes, emotional instability. Additionally, it would be impossible to get rid of screens as the digital devices have now become an indispensable part of our lifestyle, but what we can do is that just limit its time for our own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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