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Need for psychotherapy

In Pakistan, approximately 50 million people suffer from common mental disorders and unfortunately there are only 400 trained psychologists in the country, meaning that there is roughly one psychologist available for half a million people. Pakistan has one of the lowest mental illness patient-to-doctor ratios in the world. Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that affect mood, thinking and behaviour. People go through periods when they feel emotions such as stress and grief, but symptoms of mental illnesses last longer than normal and are often not a reaction to daily events.
When symptoms become severe enough to interfere with a person’s ability to perform day-to-day chores, they may be considered to have a significant mental illness. Sadly, prospects for care are exceedingly bleak as many patients never seek treatment, quit prematurely or are shunned by family members. Psychologists in Pakistan believe that a majority of the population is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that there is not much being done to help them. With constant stress, terrorist attacks, absence of social security, poverty, illness, poor health standards, injustice, illiteracy and economic tumours, people have become very rigid, inflexible in their thinking and confused about religion. People are unable to rationally analyse the situation and are becoming angrier. These are the classic symptoms of PTSD.
The situation is especially worrying for mental-health advocates because suicide rates have surged in Pakistan in recent years. Data from population-based studies indicate that a third of Pakistan’s population has anxiety and depression. It is the responsibility of the provincial government to provide funds and the mental health professionals, especially psychologists, to provide leadership. On an individual level, some changes in lifestyle can significantly help. The least we can do is to allow for mentally ill patients to seek adequate support.
Dera Ismail Khan

Rangers appreciated

Rangers in Karachi city had played main role in eliminating crimes. The residents of Karachi are the witness that Rangers has positively and vigorously implemented their dedications and techniques to get Karachi rid of crimes. Furthermore, Pakistan Rangers Sindh has played pivotal role in maintaining peace and stability and achieved the desired results by terminating the menace of terrorism and heinous crimes through Karachi operations which consequently proved in economic stability and returning of international cricket in Karachi.
There was a period when people were afraid even on the day time. People were robbed, ATMs were looted, bikes, cars, jewellery and other expensive items were snatched and people were even killed with no fear. We, the citizens of Karachi, will never forget the commendable job done by the Pakistan Rangers Sindh.

The Iraqi situation

Current news feeds from Iraq are disturbing and the present political situation out there is pretty much a matter of concern. According to all the media houses, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has allegedly resigned from his post even amid growing protests and rallies.
The international community cannot be silent on the Iraqi situation given that Iraq has been home to oil reserves contributing a lot to the world oil consumption among other countries like Saudi Arabia. The Washington Post has thus far quoted that protests have been mostly anti-government, demanding making radical changes to the current political system.
If something is being set on fire in front of our eyes, we cannot be silent but have to act in response to it. We people have been in the habit of turning to relatives and people next door during good and bad times. An OPEC [Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries] member country, Iraq has to be encouraged on all the fronts as it has miles to go on the world stage to achieve a lot through its oil resources. Therefore, the international community including the USA, the United Nations should lend a helping hand to Iraq to come out of the current crisis.
Via email

Defeat after defeat

Pakistan faced a massive defeat in second and final test matches of current test series against Australia. Another innings defeat shows how well prepared we are for foreign tours. Incompetence shown in all departments; batting, bowling and fielding has put us behind minnows like Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.
What PCB has in its bag for the rest of series. If things are shaped in the same fashion during limited-over matches, it would be one of the worst series of our country. Some immediate remedial steps are required to be taken before start of other matches.

Air Pollution

The increase in dust levels in Punjab, especially in the city of Lahore, has become a troubling issue.
The dust, or what is known as the smog, has made it almost impossible for locals to breathe. Some have resorted to wearing face masks to avoid getting sick because of the smog. Others, who have been diagnosed with asthma or sinus problems, have resorted to staying at home.
It is quite unfortunate that the walled city is quite literally confining its people to stay indoor to avoid falling sick.
If the provincial as well as the federal government doesn’t pay heed to the issue, it would not be long before the city completely comes to a halt.

Are we unbiased?

It is said education makes you enlightened. It helps you taking the decision truly on the basis of logic. But, actually it is not. Our view and thinking are affected by our personal likeness and dislike. Take the case of politics; I have seen many educated people following one party or other party just on the basis of their love for the party. Nobody’s attitude is fair or just in liking or disliking the party or we can say in other words love is blind.
Take an example of followers of PTI. Most of their followers are educated but whether they are professors, thinkers or anchors, they are so mad in wooing the party that they have left all the logic behind. Can they excuse their party over polio and dengue spread, tragedy of Sahiwal, inflation, unemployment, train fire incident, biased accountability and saving Musharraf in treason case?
Same is true with other political parties also. Their followers blindly love their parties. In today’s world, nobody is unbiased but we should keep our biases in limit. We should not let it control our sense of right or wrong. If we cannot differentiate between right or wrong then we are worse than animals because animals also know the difference between right or wrong.
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Bike snatching

Bike snatching in Rawalpindi nowadays is very common. Dhamial Road, Chakri Road, Ahdyala Road are the worst affected areas. Most of the incidents happen during night time. They just come over and snatch on gunpoint. Apart from bikes, other belongings such as mobile and wallet are also taken away.
Police are not helping in handling the situation, they just write the report but don’t take swift action. It’s our humble request to concerned authorities to take proper action against the culprits.

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