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Economic assistance to Afghanistan


The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers meeting today to sensitise the OIC to commit to offering economic assistance to Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes. The effort would be to ward off the looming humanitarian crisis and eventual collapse of the economy in Afghanistan. During her 20 years occupation, America did nothing for the welfare and economic prosperity of Afghanistan, rather miseries of the Afghan peoples increased manifold.

Now the alarming situation of famine is being predicted. Time is running out fast, Pakistan has been attempting to evolve an international consensus on helping Afghanistan monetarily for the sake of humanity. Understandably, a country that had been running on foreign financial help for two decades (2001-2021) cannot switch swiftly to indigenous economic resources.

The Taliban regime has no economically skilled producers and managers. With the parting of foreign assistance, which had created an artificial economic bubble, the economy has gone into a nosedive. In the absence of any external help, fast approaching winter season would also increase the hardships of Afghan people. The Western world and Islamic countries should come forward for their help in this hour of need.



GB wheat subsidy issue

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced a wheat subsidy in Gilgit-Baltistan in the 1970s given the region’s high poverty index, lack of industry and significant agricultural land during his visit to the area. Federal government subsidizes the supply of 1.6 million sacks of wheat in GB. But, now the Federation has not only reduced quota but is also mulling over price increases which is having a direct effect on the people. People held protest demonstrations across GB against it.

During past governments’ time, such an attempt was made void by overwhelming protestation of GB people unanimously. This time around again, the crescendo of voices are the same. GB, with a population of 1.5 million and 10 districts, has no job opportunities, no industry, no infrastructure, no proper fund allocations at par with other provinces. This oblivion approach towards it has one pretext: Since GB is part of disputed Kashmir, lest any fundamental right granted to it should weaken the Kashmir cause.

My answer: Fair enough… you give me all the constitutional rights and funds under the status of a provisional province recommended by the UN itself. This will, most certainly, not weaken your stance on Kashmir. Alarmingly, experts say GB is at high risk of food insecurity and may soon become the most food-insecure region of the world. Government should weigh the ramifications before taking such steps, lest GB becomes the spark in a tinderbox of protracted disaffection and alienation.


Nagar, GB

Rajoya: Poor sanitation

I am a resident of Rajoya which is a town in district Chiniot. There are heaps of filth everywhere in the streets. There is no proper sanitation in Rajoya. The residents are very worried due to the bad sanitation situation. Environmental impact of poor sanitation and waste management at a local level include pollution of land and water-courses, the visual impact of litter, and bad odours.

Poor sanitation is linked to transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis-A, typhoid and polio and exacerbates stunting. Poor sanitation reduces human well-being, social and economic development due to impacts such as anxiety and lost educational opportunities.

The sanitary workers did not come even for weeks to dispose the garbage which causes the spread of bad smell which is inconvenient for all persons.

Through this letter, I wanted to draw the attention of municipal committee Rajoya to the situation of poor sanitation and I expect that Municipal Committee would give the order to sanitary workers to complete their work on time. I also request the higher authorities of district Chiniot to take action about the work of the Rajoya Municipal Committee.


Rajoya Sadat, Chiniot

Poor sanitation of Nishtar Town

Through the columns of your esteemed and widely read daily, I would like to highlight the sufferings of the people of our town. For the last six months, the sanitation of Nishtar town has been in a very bad shape. The drains are uncovered. They give off a foul smell. There is no proper arrangement for cleaning the drains. Heaps of rubbish are lying everywhere. There are big pools of stagnant water on most of the roads and this results in breeding of mosquitoes.

Many children and elders are suffering from fever since these conditions are an open invitation to diseases. If conditions remain the same this could result in an epidemic. We have made repeated requests to the Municipal Committee, but in vain. I think our complaints are going in deaf ears. I, therefore, request you to provide a small space in your newspaper for this letter to be published.



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