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Crafts over education

No one can dispute that education is the only weapon by using which there is prosperity, wealth, health, development and technology. However, we lag behind in this, that is why we are counted as the third-world countries. Why there are 22.8 million children out-of-school though the constitution of the country provides ‘free’ education to children aged between 5 to 16 through Article 25-A? Why do people prefer sending their children to learn indigenous crafts over education? There are several questions but merely questions.

Indisputably, the youth is the asset of any nation but what can youth do sans platform? The youth is powerful, full of stamina, and ready to take risks enthusiastically but they need a platform that is only education, a quality education. The present education system would not pay the desired fruits owing to the numerous flaws that need to be rectified to provide an equal platform to all the aspirants. Had anyone pondered that how massive the diversity Pakistan is having regarding education? Here, quality education is but a ‘buzzword’ word so far.

The country needs an education system that would provide quality education and be sound and safe. The government had pledged that it would bring reform in the education system, they didn’t, Single National Curriculum is but the same curriculum — National Curriculum 2006 — with some changes and procedures. Hopefully, the rulers would ponder the situation and address it at large since investment in education is the best investment.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Pakistan first

The day I have attained physical and mental maturity, I have been seeing everyone serving his/her interest by keeping aside the interest of the country; may it be a government servant or a private individual in the form of a politician, industrialist, businessman, student, lawyer, engineer, doctor, or any other individual. And, this is where the real problem has arisen. Individual interest has surpassed collective interest.

It has generally been seen that the nations which acted collectively, got their desired results. In other words, they kept aside their individual interests and went on to work for the general welfare of the whole nation. In this regard, names of some of the nations may be cited here such as China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

Right from the creation of Pakistan, if we all had followed the slogan “ Pakistan first”, things would have been far better today in terms of the country’s politics, economy, religion, culture, morality, etc. Since we all served self-interest, we, therefore, have never become a collective nation.




You are not what you believe; you are what you do. The barbarian thinking of a number of so-called Muslims is which degrades the status of all Muslims internationally. The incident of Sialkot is immensely shameful for the country. Such ruthless acts become question marks that Islam is a religion of peace. Though Islam never teaches to burn a person alive for doing any mistake, incident of Sialkot is inevitable to admit for any foreigner that Muslims are peace lovers. And none of us can go averse their opinion if they think so.

Even a barbarian may not treat the other person to this much brutality. Secondly, government on the other side is totally incompetent to provide social rights. Such a merciless act occurs with a person on the road and the police of the city is not aware of that. How can the government put up that the country is safe for foreigners. Besides these all, the humanity in the people has also died that they were spectating a person being burned and made videos. What if this person were one of you in any other country. Would you accept such type of a treatment and perceived that to be fine?

It is staggering that no one could come front and tried to halt this cruelty. There is nothing to say rather than feeling shame to abide in such a society with people having this type of mindsets. Clerics, being the representative or the knowledge holding group of the religion, must speak over it and declare religious affidavit against them. Because, after all Islam is far different and much more eminent than what this mob has shown to the world.

If they are left freely then tomorrow, they may do something worse. Government should give a very good heed to this case. And any other punishment other than capital will be injustice with the family of died person.


Multan, Punjab

Shame on the Mumbai Police

It’s a shame on the Mumbai police to have covered up the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder and declare it as a suicide when the truth is that he has been killed. Even during the lockdown period in 2020 and 2021, they did not allow us to walk on the roads to buy vegetables and groceries.

Anybody found walking on the roads were lathi-charged and were made to do sit-ups. Just because the police have got the powers, they feel they can do what they want with the public. Shame on these thugs in police uniform.


Mumbai, India

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