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Regularisation of construction

Through your esteemed columns, I wish to share the appraisal of regularisation of construction proposed legislature for your precious readers. The legislation on regularisation of unauthorised construction in the province will amount to the Unilateral Declaration of Illegality in Sindh.

It will encourage illegal land grabbing in future. The text of the Ordinance proposed by the Sindh government will create obstruction in smooth legal proceedings of courts.

It would be pertinent to mention that universal norms of town planning cannot be ignored in any circumstances including legislature. Let us remember that Karachi is the city of the Quaid and any procedure of regularisation applied elsewhere in the country cannot justifiably be an example for the Metropolis. Moreover, there seems no emergency to promulgate the scheme through Ordinance because this is not an issue that has emerged suddenly.

The only possible excuse for the enforcement of law in hurry is to defeat ongoing legal proceedings on the subject. It is also not understandable that simple inclusion of a retired judge of apex court in the Commission for regularisation will authorise the setup to discharge judicial functions. No civilised society can tolerate violation of layout plan and building control laws. It is also ironic that the text of the proposed legislature restricts Courts of Law to proceed on any decision, order or procedure of the Commission.



Looting customers

In the last eighteen months, the Vodafone-Idea Company have increased their recharging rates for 28 days from Rs 35 to Rs 49 to Rs 79 to Rs 99 just because the Vodafone-Idea Company is going into huge losses.

Shame on the management for looting us. And recharging is a ‘must’ every 28 days. If one does not recharge their mobile, then the number is allotted to someone else. This is ridiculous because I hardly make calls.


Mumbai, India

Early marriages in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, families have offered daughters under the age of 20 for marriage in exchange for a dowry.

UNICEF partners recorded 183 child marriages and 10 cases of child trafficking between 2018 and 2019. Agency estimates that 28% of Afghan women between the ages of 15 and 49 were married off before reaching their 18th birthday.

Afghanistan’s dire economic situation is pushing more families into poverty and forcing them to make disappointing choices, such as employing children and marrying young girls. UNICEF is working with partners to raise awareness in communities about the dangers for girls if they get married at an early age.

Early marriage can lead to lifelong sufferings. Girls who get married before the age of 18 are less likely to stay in school and are more likely to experience domestic violence, discrimination, abuse and poor mental health. There are also more complications in childbirth. The whole future of a generation is in danger.




or vamp?

The heart wrenching incident of butchery of a man at Saddar, Karachi went viral on media which shows a horrifying face of a woman who could go to such extent that she chopped off hands of a man and smitten his head. The woman, by feminist, has always been shown as dejected and demoralized figure in our society but when we see such happenings then it raises questions.

The other incident of Punjab which caused a blow on social media, everyone got busy in trolling man who was accused of ripping off the clothes of lady thieves. But when we saw the other side of the picture we came to know that it was all done by women themselves to rescue them out of the situation. The only tool a woman has to demoralize man is her chastity. Such a woman does not hesitate in blaming any man for harassment and we people blindly believe her say.

As we have shown man’s picture as a brutal beast. The silence of feminist activists over this matter is also a point to ponder. When a woman is even only slapped by a man news is spread as fire in forest. All these Islamabad aunties come to roads and start bashing that man publicly. These, so-called, feminists should come forward to raise their slogans against woman as well, only then we shall be able to create a society that we only demand in our fake slogans.

We should not only portray man as a wizard but a woman, if she deserves, should also be shown as witch.We should see both genders equally. If anything is done wrong by man he should be punished for it and when a woman, who is regarded as having soft heart, turned to be vamp and butcher a man so brutally then she should also be set as an example for entire country.


Agra, Sindh




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