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Embracing modern alternatives

A recent survey conducted in Islamabad has revealed that 95 percent of smokers surveyed in Pakistan believed that switching to smoking alternatives would help in quitting smoking.

The study also quotes examples from countries like Japan, the USA, UK that have in recent times been working on phasing out cigarettes, by introducing less harmful alternatives for smoking, such as non-combustible alternatives.

It is the need of the hour that we move beyond dated tobacco control measures such as banning, and take the effectiveness of these products into consideration in an effort to prioritize and find a solution for the health of smokers and of the general public.

Smokers should be encouraged to quit cigarettes, and at the very least to switch to less harmful alternatives if they are unable to completely let go of smoking, as it will lessen the harm they expose themselves to.

This can only be achieved if our government and health representatives follow the example of many other countries that are promoting dialogue and access to modern alternatives to help smokers find a solution to their problem.


Increase in accidents

The reason behind writing this letter is to draw the attention of higher authorities about the bad condition of road from Pindi Gheb to Fateh Jang.

The road bears heavy traffic and is a route to the capital. It is also a trade route between south Punjab and north Punjab.

Because of poor road condition and no maintenance, people face many difficulties. Because of bad condition of roads the number of accidents have dramatically increased. Also the patients in ambulance are not comfortable regarding choosing this route to capital.

Also the societies and villages and alongside roads face problems because of water filling the gaps of the road due to rain causing dengue and other diseases.

The road repairing application was accepted many times by the higher authorities, but the repairing never started in real.

The authorities should pay attention on this problem and should pass the bill for its repairing and reconstruction for the welfare of citizens.

By the help of your newspaper, I hope that I will be successful in creating awareness about this problem among higher authorities. And I’m hoping for positive response.

Pindi Gheb (Attock)

Education policies

Since its inception, Pakistan has suffered from various problems in the sector of education. However, the country adopted its first education policy that was presented by the Sharif Commission on Education (1959).

Unfortunately, the Commission could not complete its task due to ineffective administration and management.

No doubt, the policy was really relevant, and if adopted properly, it could have been very efficient for education in Pakistan.

Later, some other policies were also introduced between 1970s and 1990s, but they remained largely unsuccessful in achieving the goals set therein.

What could be more solid evidence than the fact that the educational sector in Pakistan is still in a steep decline. Like other developed nations, Pakistan should prioritise its education.

Apt management, oriented schedule, technical and modern equipment, proper training and other necessary tools are the need of the hour, if we want to improve the bad condition of education. The country needs to follow the pathway of developed countries.


Most polluted city of world

The city of gardens is declared the world’s most polluted city. According to AQAir (A Swiss air quality technology company) Lahore AQI(Air Quality Index) is 315 which is considered hazardous.

The main pollutant which is detected in air is PM2.5 with 264.3µg/m³ concentration which is 52.9 times above the WHO(World Health Organization) air quality guideline value.

The provincial capital is the most urbanized city with overwhelming number of vehicles. Industrial emission, burning of crops residue in the surrounding rural areas of the city are the major causes of this creepy atmospheric condition.

Large scale losses of trees has also damaged the air quality. People should wear masks, run air purifiers in homes, schools and work places and avoid outdoor activities.

To make Lahore a better place to live we should use public transport, switch over to environment-friendly fuels.

According to sustainable development agenda, we should eliminate number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals of air, water and soil.

The authorities should take strict action against this alarming condition and there should be proper check and balance on industrial and vehicular emission and burning of crop residue should be banned completely.


Sialkot tragedy

Most recently, a mob lynched a Sri Lankan national who was manager in a local factory in Sialkot. After that they burned his body.

Moreover, they were seen (in a video clip) taking sefies and enjoying. But the question arises that are these all allowed in Islam or does Islam allow such brutality against non-Muslims?

It must be a shame for Pakistanis who did such heinous action. Actually this is not the first case in Sialkot, two such cases were reported before as well, first in 2010 and second in 2019.

Islam is the religion that teaches brotherhood. Islam teaches all the ethics and manners of living a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, nowadays Muslims are not following these teachings. Because a real Muslim does not kill a human being in such a brutal way as they have done with non-Muslims.

They have forgotten or ignored all laws. In short, the public is supposed to learn from other countries. Finally, all of those responsible must be punished with full severity of the law.


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