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Loopholes in educational system

Lending an ear to the loopholes in the educational system is need of the hour. It is not something for which a specific authority or class could be blamed solely.

A chain of factors including education officials, administration, teachers and society are accountable for it. From official side the first shortcoming is the substandard of teacher’s enrolment system. Transparency is the key in this regard.

In the second place, newly enrolled teachers are not inclined towards proper training, revealing the big gap between the western and localized schooling system.

Furthermore, teachers also demonstrate negligent attitude in their duties. Inattentive classes, careless proceedings and not adopting advance teaching methods are the main elements refraining them from fulfilling their responsibilities.

Administration is hindering the way towards the ideal schooling system by not providing suitable scale promotion ladder to the teachers, lack of conveyance and residence facilities in rural areas.

In conclusion, it is society which is also a part of this chain. In our society teachers are not admired at the level which could be justified.

Parents nowadays, show complete careless behaviour towards the nurturing of their children and degrade teachers to save their own skin. In essence, it is a set of imperfections that need to be thoroughly examined in order to bring the country’s educational system on the crown.


Unfriendly bank rules

I possess credit card of a reputed bank. Two months back, the bank charged me annual fee of Rs.6,750/= which is reversible if I spend Rs.30,000/= within 60 days of my billing date.

Having spent the required amount well before the required time, I called the bank to submit my annual fee reversal request and was told by the bank’s CSR that my request cannot be entertained right now as two of the merchants, where I had used my credit card, have not claimed their bills to the bank.

I asked the bank’s CSR that if the merchant does not submit its claim for another 6 months, my request will not be entertained? To my astonishment, her answer was yes.

I gave her the example of recent fire in Co-operative Market in Saddar and told her that the shopkeepers of that market will not be able to submit the claim of their bills to the bank received through credit cards for the next six months or might never be able to submit.

In that case, credit card holder will not be able to submit its annual fee reversal request? The bank’s CSR had no answer for my argument. I request State Bank of Pakistan to ensure that customer-friendly rules are made by banks to facilitate its customers.


Urfi’s indecent dress

Indian television actress Urfi Javed should be booked for indecent dressing. Being a Muslim, she should understand that dressing up like the way she dresses is against the teachings of the Last Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran.
If all women keep dressing up like the way she dresses up, they are bound to get raped. Even the Holy Bible tells Christians to dress up decently. Does Urfi Javed visit the mosque with the type of clothes she wears? What is she trying to convey to the people? Shame on her. Islam, like Christianity, is a decent religion but she is putting it to shame.
Mumbai, India

Driving licence test

There are three driving license branches operating in metropolis and online pre-appointment services are offered for getting driving license.

After getting online appointment a person has to visit his selected branch with original CNIC.

If a person is already holding leaner driving license, he is supposed to be issued permanent driving license after going through MCQs online test which consists of 25 questions out of which 18 answers must have to be correct to proceed further i.e. physical driving test.

There is no chance of tampering this online MCQs test as applicant tick the correct answer by himself in 20 minutes time and submit the same as he completes the test. Result is shown as the submission is made.

This test is about meaning of different traffic signs. Ultimate test is physical driving test and a person is asked to park his vehicle in a square open from one side only, by reversing the vehicle without touching the obstacles in 10 minutes time approximately. This test is hardly passed by anyone as the size of the square is quite narrow according to the vehicle.

If anyone somehow succeeds to park the vehicle successfully, different objections are raised by traffic police personnel present there to witness the test such as the vehicle is not parked straight in direction or not at the distance of one kilometer away from the left side obstacles.

Traffic police personnel should show the applicant how the vehicle can be parked in such a narrow square before asking the applicant to do the same.

There would be hardly anyone who gets the license on merit while those who greases the palm get the license without asking to give any test.


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