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No road sense

I have observed that most of the people do not have any road sense when they drive. Recently when I was driving on one of the main roads of city, a car in front of me stopped all of a sudden in the middle of road and a man, turned out from somewhere waving to driver to stop, rushed towards him.

Instead of parking car on roadside, both men started talking totally ignoring vehicles lined up, their continuous horns and traffic jam behind.

Besides, while driving, most of the people are seen talking on cell phones, particularly the motorcyclists who zigzag in the middle of road when they use cell phones causing sometimes sudden road accidents and slowing down of traffic.

Also, most of roads are occupied by Qinki-Rikshaws. Those who drove previously donkey carts have purchased Qinki-Rikshaws and they are driving them like donkey carts hardly apply brakes.

With no indicators installed one is not sure when they will move, stop and which way they will turn.

Qinki-Rikshaw drivers do not have any sense how to drive on roads. People ought to have at least road sense to avoid any untoward incident, traffic jam and do not be nuisance to others.

Shikarpur, Sindh

Aid to Afghanistan

International community must deliver humanitarian aid to people of war-ravaged country, who are already living below the poverty line.

International donors should not associate humanitarian assistance with respecting human rights, especially of women and establishment of ‘inclusive’ government.

The important work of humanitarian aid and international donor community must continue for the foreseeable future to prevent a widespread humanitarian catastrophe.

The United States, in tandem with like-minded allies and partners, should ensure that humanitarian assistance is maintained as well as evaluate willingness of the Taliban to allow these efforts to continue in accordance with long-standing humanitarian principles.

Kashmore, Sindh

Recycling plastic bottles

Coca-Cola intends to launch Pakistan’s first plastic road pilot project to recycle 10-tonne plastic bottles.

In 2020, the Coca-Cola Foundation and its partner WWF conducted first exploratory study of Pakistan across ten cities to understand the PET bottle life cycle.

The study shows that Pakistan produces more than 30 million tons of solid waste every year, more than 10% of which is plastic.

Although there are growing concerns about plastic pollution in our country, it is a contradiction that Pakistan continues to be the second-largest plastic producer in South Asia with an annual growth rate of 15%.

While many environmentalists see this as a serious concern, recycling companies, start-ups and innovation centres view it as a 1 billion unused industry, as in South Africa, the USA and Europe.

Now, there is time to address global waste management crisis. Coca-Cola is working with its partners to find a solution to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging waste as part of its bold and ambitious goal of world without waste by 2030.

Turbat, Balochistan

Grandparents as inspiration

Our grandparents plays an integral role in shaping our life and they guide us when we are nothing, stand by us when world is in our opposition, console us when we are emotionally broken, assist us when we are helpless and protect us when we are in trouble. Our grandma and grandpa stand as our greatest source of inspiration.

We must always be with them and try to gain their love, warmth as no one can replace them. They really enlighten our lives. Through their prayers and good wishes we succeed in our life and we progress in achieving our goals.

Unfortunately some of us are not having grandparents and now we know their values but the one who are blessed with grandparents they must give them time and love. May Allah always make our grandparents happy.

Turbat, Balochistan

Smarts phones

This is to draw attention of parents of those children who are using smart phones. Today so many children are victims of smart phones, as they don’t use it for positive benefits but instead visiting sites that show violent and immoral videos. Unfortunately this leads to a number of serious mental and psychological problems for children.

So many children are wasting their precious energy and time on smart phones then school activities and materials.

I request parents to make their children aware of using these mobile phones for good purposes only and government should issue strict guidelines on this issue.

Turbat, Balochistan

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