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Historic Black or White Day

We may perhaps be the only constitutional state which considers voting through internet safe and secure in a general election for a parliament, which has the powers to legislate laws, amend the constitution with a two third majority, deciding the fate and destiny of over 220 million citizens.

A record was made on 19 November 2021, when over 33 bills were passed in under five hours, which were required to be approved after a clause by clause reading, debate and voting.

The USA gives its overseas citizens the right to vote because the right to vote is interlinked with responsibility of every citizen to file his Income Tax returns with Inland Revenue Department.

All American citizens who are registered on the voters list, have to inform their embassy of their present address etc., and are allowed to cast their vote through secure registered postal ballots, issued to them by the competent authority.

American troops and those employed overseas cast their votes in a similar manner. This postal balloting facility is also available to all citizen

s living within USA because the Constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens.
If the Federal Government in consultation with ECP after going through the process of debate, scrutiny etc., in parliament wants to give its overseas citizens the right to vote, it has to ensure secrecy and security of the ballot beyond any reasonable doubt.

It is an internationally established fact that internet is neither secure, nor safe from hacking, especially when the internet being used is regulated and controlled by a foreign country, where the overseas Pakistani is residing.

Mere passing of a bill by brute majority, enabling balloting through internet is in violation of the Constitution both in letter and spirit and can compromise state sovereignty.


Begging for beggars!

Certainly, Saudi Arabia has always come up with necessary economic support for Pakistan in difficult time/s.

Recently, when Pakistan was facing tough situation due to soaring energy and commodity prices in the international market, and (also) un-equal distribution of wealth – the Kingdom provided $ 4.2b for a period of one year.

The foremost responsibility of a Government is to provide quality education, better living standards, nutritious food, decent accommodation… for reaping socio-economic development in the country.

Practical examples of Scandinavian countries in the West, Singapore and China in the East have uplifted socio-economic status of their masses through education, health.

The PTI-launched Ehsaas Programme (Langarkhanas), Interest-Free Loans; Emergency Cash, Education Conditional Cash Transfers, Nashonuma (health and nutrition) – aimed at socioeconomic welfare of people out of begging bag – seems not logical.

Whereas, best agrarian soil is available, if utilized properly, maximum manpower could be engaged for earning eatable/s like grains, animal husbandry and what not(?). Up to some extent present Government invested, yet need more in future, also (!).

Re-opening of closed factories and establishment of new for earning and employment of manpower is another way-out certainly. In this way people will remain busy in working.

Otherwise, they will play cricket, kite… take meal from “langarkhana” and go to bed – except a few. So, one can say the practice started by the Government could increase beggars de facto.

This service suits to Edhi Welfare and other philanthropists who are already doing. If not considered seriously, loan providers (IMF, WB…) will choke country’s assets likewise, presently, going on in Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

This is easiest for loaner/donor providers for converting their guns towards Pakistan. So, through this writing, this scribe will suggest for “Allah sake” leave begging.

Instead, bring looters, in D-square like China, Afghanistan. This is the best way to enhance finance and directing Pakistan towards ‘Riasat-e-Madina’. Note it.

M Azam Minas
Tatrinote, AK

Merit in universities

Today I want to draw your attention about the current situation of admission policy in public sector universities of Lahore.

These universities have made two groups: one is termed as morning and other group as evening and reserved most of the seats in morning group on the name of co-curricular activity participants but actually there is no criteria or merit for these reserved seats.

They provide admissions to their beloved ones and deserving students ultimately seek admission in evening group which actually has much high fee as compared to the morning group and no facility of hostel is provided to evening group and many other facilities are also not provided to evening group.

In this way fair chance of getting admission despite being on merit diminishes and those who even do not fulfil the criteria of merit get admission in the morning group because they have some sort of reference and take away the seats.

If the culture of providing favour to the beloved ones remains there, then our society will not flourish. A society can only make progress by justice. Justice brings peace and harmony in the society. So we must try to maintain justice in all our matters.

As the Last Prophet (PBUH) said, “People before you were destroyed because when the noble among them stole they let him go, and if the poor and weak stole they would punish him. They were ruined because of this.”

So we as a society should follow the teachings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and should implement merit in all our institutions and should be just so that on the day of judgement the Almighty forgive us.


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