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No honour in honour killing

Honour killing, is the murder of a family member mostly women in the name of socalled shame or dishonour upon the family by the victim, or disobeying the principles of community or religion. Although this crime occurs all over the world but in Middle East and South Asia the rate of honour killings is very high. Sadly, about 1000 women are killed every year in Pakistan in the name of honour, that’s 3 women every day. In many communities of Pakistan, girls and women are seen as a honour of family. A women’s identity and her family sense of social respect and worth is measured by her acceptance to family demands, such as marrying the man they choose for her. This issue is getting momentum with the passage of time and mostly cases are taking place in Punjab.
The Criminal Law (offences in the name or pretext of honour) Act of 2016 exists in Pakistan. But it’s a failure of authorities to prevent these killings by proper investigate and punishing the criminal, but in practice, police and prosecutors often ignore it. In 2017, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 460 cases of honour killings, with 194 males and 376 females as victim. It is time to expose these abuses to the light of public scrutiny and the law. We should understand that, a murder is a murder even if done in the name of honour. There is no honour in honour killing!

Why students are marching

A video went viral on social media a few days ago while students chanting slogans for their rights. They were protesting at the Faiz Literary Festival held on 19 November in Lahore. The students at the literary festival in Lahore were chanting against alleged government interference in colleges, fee hike, budget cuts and lack of student housing. The students are demanding the restoration of student unions, “de-securitisation” of campuses, end to harassment, among others. Students have formed an alliance of different students organizations named “Students Action Committee” A bigger protest — Student Solidarity March — has been planned on 29 November to be organised by “Students Action Committee”. The marches that will be held across the country are for students’ right to unionization, and free and quality education for all, among other demands. This is a good sign that our students are active in politics and they have deep sight on whats going on, because our future belongs to the youth.

Fifth generation war and fake information

In ancient times, war was fought one to one. Later on, arms like bow arrow, shaft, gun and boom were developed. The ways and means of war have changed from time to time. Today in the age of artificial intelligence, the war is fought by winning the enemy psychologically before winning on ground.
To gain the psychological pre-eminence in the world, India keeps on spreading fake news or spinning any news to Anti-Pakistan narrative. Indian obsession with Pakistan and China has no bounds and virtually every awful situation is being linked with them, especially Pakistan. In one news aired by NDTV, Vinest Agarwal Sharda, a BJP leader, said Pakistan and China would have released poisonous gases to pollute air of India. Free press journal broke news that reportedly, two Indian soldiers were also arrested from Jodhpur railway station for sharing curial information with a Pakistan-based ISI woman. This news was broke to defend India’s narrative regarding Pakistan and ISI. India keeps on dirge that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism but actually India’s proof of state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan “Kulbhushan Jadhav” is alive and in Pakistan’s custody.
Lt General H S Panag in his article wrote that Pakistan may use social media to spyware to access sensitive information. Indian Army has advised its officers holding critical posts to deactivate their Facebook accounts and avoid any official communication on WhatsApp.
Discussing more! A European NGO (EU Disinfo Lab) deflated India’s propaganda against Pakistan by exposing an unearthed network of fake news being run from New Delhi. To influence European Union and United Nations India is using a network of 265 fake news websites working in 65 countries.
Concluding more! India is waging a cyber as well as cold war against Pakistan. India is actually playing its double role to create unrest among Pakistanis through mis-information and state-sponsored terrorism.

The tale of broken promises

Pakistan is relatively a young country with 73 years of its independence and 72 years of its existence we have most certainly come a long way in different areas. From developing nuclear arms to winning various international titles we can talk about many achievements this young country has been able to achieve.
However, there are certain problems that are ingrained in the main structure of this country which can be traced back to the beginning of the first constitutionally formed government. Fast forward to 2019 with 3 military coups and finally the completion of 2 consecutive democratic tenures and the third one in it’s second year we have seen many promises being broken or we can say people being tricked into believing that they were genuine.
The roles keep changing but the problems remain the same, before the elections opposition brings a picture of them having all the solutions to the issues that are there during the time of the existing government and as soon as they are elected they have to follow the same route to first of all secure their own interests. Before the elections, we are promised to be provided with education, health services for everyone and creation of jobs that will uplift the lives of poor and needy.
The same party after assuming the role of a government suddenly goes into a different zone where all theses promises become hard to be delivered and there are false excuses for why it is the way it is.
The problem is that people are being constantly deceived, they are never given a clear picture of what the real situation connected to all these problems is. Instead of pulling each other down our politicians should consider to find a collective mechanism that can incorporated on long term basis?

Air Pollution

Through your esteemed daily, I’d like to highlight the problem of pollution in our city. Among other environmental problems, we have a pollution problem which is on the rise, thanks to the increasing number of factories. They are the major source of air and water pollution.
Air pollution leads to suffocation, breathing problem and lung diseases when our lungs are choked with polluted air. If the air we breathe is polluted, then we will surely be a victim of such diseases. Factory owners should be aware of this. They should take responsibility for the environment around.
The thick smoke emitted by the chimneys of factories is full of poisonous gases. This mixes with pure air and causes pollution. There should be a strict law to punish the owners of such factories if they do not take the moral responsibility to keep the air clean.

Kashmir: Black-spot on UN!

India invaded Jammu and Kashmir on 27 October, 1947. It had only-one-plea that Maharaja of Kashmir signed Instrument of Accession (IoA) with India. This was the sole appeal which – deceit forefathers of terrorist Modi – referred to United Nations, on January 1, 1948 and continuing today. Article 370 was a temporary, transitional and provisional scheme valid until conduct of plebiscite as per UN resolutions. While annexing State into Indian Union, also, took plea of IoA which (she) claims signed before 27 October, 1949. Above all; even, original signed document of IoA is not held with (terrorist-Modi & co) as proof (??).
Prem Nath Bazaz, was an honest Hindu Kashmiri politician, scholar, author; and (also) an advocate of the facts too, wrote in his famous book “The History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir: Cultural and Political, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (1954)” that: PanditKok (a Hindu) Prime Minister of Kashmir in 1947, advised, Maharaja, to accede to Pakistan. The (sole) justification was that 80-percent population of State was Muslim; and non-Muslim too, intend to join Pakistan, due to, natural inclination with Pakistan. Moreover; there were (also) two base fixed by Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten for the accession of Princely-States – will of the people; and geographic contiguity – document is present in UN office (!!) Victoria Schofiled, another, distinguished British historian (very clearly) denied the Indian claim over State of Jammu and Kashmir, based on IoA legally. So; Kashmiris are compelled to say – Is UN alive??
On the basis of facts and more than dozen UNSC’s resolutions in favor of (plebiscite) in Kashmir; and occupation on Baitulmoqadus were/are big-black-spots of injustice on “UN; UNICJ & UNHRC (***)” spreading like ‘cancer’ by-every-minute, must be removed instantly. Otherwise; it would cover whole region at any moment. Note it please; please!!!
Tatrinote, AK

Rise in polio cases

It seems that Pakistan is losing war against polio as there is dramatic rise in polio cases this year with 86 cases reported from all over Pakistan. Eight and 12 cases were reported in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Our country has gone past Nigeria with 34 cases and Afghanistan 21 cases this year. The World Health Organization has termed this rise in polio cases as horrible.
Out of 195 countries in the world, 192 countries have declared themselves as polio free. Bill Gates Foundation has announced $2.5 billion donation to Pakistan for fighting polio. Apart from donations and funds, there is dire need to create awareness among the citizens about its danger. From the top government functionaries, celebrities, actors, cricketers should involve themselves to make people aware of the danger of the rising cases of polio.

Azadi March

On 27th October 2019, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman’s JUI started his Azadi March against government from Karachi.
They decided to reach Islamabad and protest there. In order to prevent them from entering into Islamabad, government took different initiatives. Government placed containers on some roads and roadsides as well so that in case of emergency they can block other roads. Government also called KPK police along with Islamabad police for security concerns.
On 30th October 2019 different roads of Islamabad which connect Rawalpindi were blocked by the government. By which citizens of Rawalpindi who works in Islamabad suffered tremendously. Different educational institutions cancelled their exams and upcoming classes considering the circumstances due to which studies were disrupted badly.
Citizens of Islamabad feared to go outside as they think thought anything can happen anytime. We, as a nation, must learn from the past experience and should avoid such actions which can be proven harmful for the country and Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan had already suffered a lot.

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