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Facade of third party interest

The decision by SCP ordering demolition of Nasla Towers, followed by Tejori Heights Tower in Karachi, may seem rash to few in this country, where the law has been bent too often, to accommodate the corrupt elite, especially those involved in malpractices in Real Estate business, but it is indeed, a step to restore some sanity and uphold Rule of Law in Pakistan.

However, the SCP must constitute a panel of judges to ensure that the residents of Nasla Towers must be compensated at the prevailing market rate by the builders and those within the Provincial Government who issued the NOC, apart from prosecuting them, so that such malpractices cease.

It is the State and its numerous regulatory agencies and powerful uniformed law enforcement and security agencies who are responsible for the mess that this country today faces.

It is not just members of Land Mafia but also statutory bodies like DHA Valley in Islamabad which offered public plots through general balloting in 2009, but has not allotted them to those who have paid all instalments. This Third Party Interest is similar to Law of Necessity.

When law becomes hostage to whims of individuals and groups, then innocent citizens suffer, the black economy escalates and national exchequer is depleted.

The rot started when Ghulam Mohammed in nexus with establishment dismissed Constituent Assembly in 1954 and Maulvi Tamizuddin challenged this illegal dismissal in Sindh High Court, which ordered its restoration.

The Government challenged this in Federal Court, where Justice Munir and four others invoked the Law of Necessity, and upheld the dismissal on technical grounds that “Need is truly the mother of Invention”, while Justice Cornelius was the sole dissenting judge.

Thereafter it has been a roller coaster decline and this precedent laid the grounds for four martial laws and over 35 years of dictatorship, during which Pakistan was dismembered in 1971, terrorism and extremism haunted this country and our economy has been shattered.


Afghanistan in dire hunger

The people of war-ravaged country- Afghanistan – have been going through rough/sticky patch since times immemorial as many global powers ruled there for only their vested interest instead of mulling over downtrodden people of war-torn country to be extended a helping hand to them.

Recent retreat of America/NATO from Afghanistan soil and swift and smooth take over by Taliban, Afghanistan is feeling unbridled pitch and having in abject poverty.

A bleak image and horrendous tidings emerging from Afghanistan are quite embarrassing and poignant.

To make their both ends meet, people are selling their belongings and the most disturbing and bothersome reports are that underprivileged parents, being lived below the poverty line, are selling off their babies in order to acquire food, over and above, many of them taking their own life due to dire starvation.

Afghanistan is now among the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, if not precluded timely, it could head towards further cataclysmic humanitarian crisis.

Moreover, at a global donor’s conference, entire world community pledge $1bn in humanitarian aid just to stave off disastrous consequences.

World community must deliver before long what it did or else this may result in pandemonium leading to internal spat/skirmishes and civil war, the ramifications of which could be baleful not only for Afghanistan but also its neighbouring countries.

Kandhkot, Sindh
Good signs for our cricket

Pakistan cricket has come along with scores of challenges from 2009 onwards. We are no more a productive breed in producing legend cricketers like we did so in the past; Khan, Akram, Shoaib, Inzamam, Saeed Anwar and many more.

Simple fact is that we don’t produce batters or bowlers with responsible credentials and performances. In 2009, attack on Sri Lankan cricket team deteriorated things more for our cricket.

No international sports at home and perpetual deprivation from foreign coaching services has done a huge damage to our capital.

Moreover and recently, Pakistan was left abandoned by our cricketing partners by withdrawing from their tours to Pakistan leaving its growing image polluted, whom we often assisted in their hard times.

However, the current scenes speaks of a different and convincing story when we beat the arch rival India for the first time in a world cup match and then a recent test cricket champion; New Zealand with high level performances.

To put it more, the Asia cup 2022 has been announced to take place in Pakistan and Ramiz Raja is confident to invite cricket teams to play in Pakistan; this time with more security assurance and mutual trust.

These signs are reflective of the fact that Pakistan cricket is rejuvenating in terms of resettling cricket at home and amassing quality cricketers like; Babar Azam, Rizwan, and Shaheen. Hopefully, our cricket will rise to a new dawn and not be politicized anymore.


Arrest the beggars

There are thousands of beggars sitting on the roads all over India taking drugs. The Narcotics Control Bureau should arrest them too.

Aryan Khan is a gem. We all love him. His arrest was illegal and against the Constitution of India. Instead of putting the drug addicts in jail, they should be put in a rehabilitation centre.
Mumbai, India

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