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India’s secular image

India’s secular image has suffered a blow after the latest episodes with cricketer Shami & Film Star Shahrukh Khan.

Now we can say that India’s secular image is completely dead after both of the stars faced online abuse on the social media sites, which is very shameful.

The question is recently India lost the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan, so why is Muhammad Shami the only target?

What about the wicketless Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar & Jadeja? What about Rohit Sharma going for a duck, LBW by Shaheen Shah Afridi and KL Rahul on 3? In my views, cricket should be free from hate and prejudice.

Victimization of Shami proves the saying of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah right that Muslims who choose India will waste their whole life to prove their loyalty.

Hayatabad, Peshawar

Air pollution

Winter in Pakistan seems to bring two certainties, a drop in the temperature and a rise in air pollution.

Smog is not that old of a phenomenon in Pakistan, yet the city becoming engulfed with toxic air has become a familiar sight every winter.

The problem is not just limited to Lahore and parts of Punjab, where crops burning on both sides of the border have led to the region having made the list of some of the most polluted cities in the world.

Air pollution is pervasive throughout the country—most people in Pakistan are more likely to inhale unhealthy air than not.

Metrological experts have identified differences in the strains of unhealthy air. Lahore’s air quality is a more long-lasting issue, allegedly brought about by crop-burning and looks to get even worse in coming years.

Meteorologists have speculated that the terrible air quality in Sindh and South Punjab is due to high wind pressure from Afghanistan and Central Asia side that led to wind direction from the northwest, contributing to the dust in the air.

While that should inform those in policy making circles, it doesn’t take away the urgency of the matter, which is that the high air pollution causes a range of health problems in the population. Health care authorities should chalk out speedy and effective policies to control smog besides the alarming situation of dengue.

Uddhav, CM of Maharashtra

Uddhav Thackeray, the CM of Maharashtra, has made life miserable for the people of Mumbai.

He has come from the family of goondas and will remain one till his last breath.
Mumbai, India

Still a question?

Indisputably, the new reform of the government regarding education – single nation curriculum SNC – bought more questions than amendments. Will the SNC be proved as an antidote to educational malaise? Noting can be said.

The cultural diversities, linguistic differences, depression of economic, political instability and much more will let it be implemented? The single nation curriculum is not the way to provide equal opportunities and learning for all so far. And most of all, have the country trained teachers following the curriculum?
Kandhkot Sindh

Anti-inflation brigade

A 15-day nationwide protest has been kicked off by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). Inflation has been rising just like a contiguous disease for some time in Pakistan.

The uncontrollable price hole is a failure of the authorities concerned which made life too tough to survive.

There has been no edible oil available at a reasonable price in the country. The rate of sugar and wheat flour is so high that poor cannot afford.

The inflation is forcing people to commit suicide. The condition of lower middle income households is worsening due to successive food price hike and a poor really doesn’t know whether to pay the house rent, electricity bills and utility bill or buy edibles.

According to the News International the unit price of agricultural tube-wells, fertilizer, medicine, diesel and petroleum has doubled which has added woes to the daily life of the man on the street.

Therefore, it is high time that authorities should squeeze some time from their busy schedule and mull over the modalities to control the monster of inflation so that common man take a sigh of relief.


Youth in chaos

Day by day technology is revolutionizing at its fullest; which is on one side facilitating wellbeing.

But on the other hand children and teenagers often-limitless inquisitiveness to seek something triggers unwillingly to cause the multi-dimensional disasters.

Furthermore, watching animated characters, playing different games and time-to-time inquisitive entertaining content upon content on social media, watching movies and vlogs on phone and on other gadgets, parents’ hectic schedules lead victims slowly and gradually toward the chaos and resultantly victim is trapped without perceiving it.

Therefore, it is requested to talk baby steps in order to tapper-off the situation by properly following the long-haul procedure of doctor counselling, parents’ guidance and time is also quite helpful for children to boost confidence.

Moreover, keenly stop them to use mobile at too young age so that we can avoid the asphyxiation of their innocence at a very young age which is rarely found in nowadays.
Umerkot, Sindh


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