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Amid Pak
T-20 miracle

Thy name is humility or humbleness my beloved Pakistan. Seeing is believing and testing is confirming.

Your broad-mindedness and lion-heartedness prove second to none. You have no room for narrow-mindedness and chicken-heartedness.

It has been truly and thoroughly unearthed and exposed in and out that India sabotaged New Zealand and England tour of Pakistan.

What Indian intelligentsia manoeuvred means to their pundits and magicians is KARNI DHARNI——”As you sow so shall you reap”.

Despite India masterminding and sabotaging New Zealand and England tour of Pakistan resulting in colossal financial loss to and demoralizing of cricket lovers in Pakistan, Pakistan’s record-breaking, historic and magnanimous T-20 win over India is never used or manipulated as “sweet revenge.”

Pakistani nation, especially leadership and specifically media did not even remind India of the above said KARNI DHARNI to taunt, satire or ridicule the boasting but bamboozled India or shattered and mesmerized Indians over how cunningly they sabotaged the New Zealand and England tour of Pakistan.

Such example is second to none in elevating cricket as a gentleman’s game!

Pakistani crowds, players, media, leaders, public and the nation at large are naturally rejuvenating and celebrating the monumental T-20 cricket win over India with vim, vigour and vitality home and abroad with enlightening of a nation from Karachi to KP.


India defeat

Kudos to the defeated captain Virat Kohli for affectionately hugging the Pakistani opener Mohammad Rizwan after the latter’s match-winning knock of 79 not out!

The sight was not only extremely pleasing; but also transmits a stern message to the fanatic supporters that traits of mutual respect and admiration cannot be allowed to yield place to hatred and acrimony on or off the field.

Pakistan might have won the T20 World Cup match against India; but at the end of the day surely the spirit of cricket won.

Lot of thanks to Kohli for displaying his “Virat” (large) heart in these intolerant vitiated times.
Yes, Virat Kohli is an Indian and Mohammad Rizwan a Pakistani.

But at the end of the day, the greatest truth lies in the fact that Kohli and Rizwan are tied by the common bond of brotherhood, both being citizens of the same world.

So what prevents us from appreciating the skills and greatness of all sports persons irrespective of their nationality? If our respective team or nation wins, well and good; but if not, then we should learn to applaud the opposition or better team of the day, be entertained by the spectacle and move on.

Why are the hatred-mongers hell-bent on marching backwards in the direction of the Dark Age by creating fissures between human beings in the name of nation and religion?

The Great Asif Iqbal had played his last Test at Kolkata (January 1980).

And when Iqbal was returning to the pavilion after playing the last innings of his life, the whole Eden Gardens stood at their feet and continued clapping warmly and affectionately till the last glimpse of that Pakistani legend.

Yes, humanity and sportsman spirit at its supreme best! Let this civility enjoys the last laugh.

Kolkata, India

A great victory

No one can forget the match of October 24 when Pakistan and India played face to face in the ICC T20 World and our heroes showed an unforgettable performance against the opposing team India and won by 10 wickets.

Pakistan changed history and set a new record against India by winning 10 wickets.

However, the opening partnership between Babar and Rizwan was commendable and helped Pakistan win the match; from bowling side Shaheen Afridi and other bowlers bowled very well.

Our team covered all the weaknesses and showed strong defence from both batting and bowling. Therefore, we, cricket fans, hope that Pakistan will maintain its performance to bring the trophy to Pakistan soon.


The festival
of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated by all Hindus all over the world and is known as Deepavali, or the ‘row of oil lamps’.

Symbolically based on an ancient mythology, it represents the victory of truth over lies, of light over darkness, of life over death, and of good over evil.

The actual celebration lasts for five days, marking the beginning of a new year, family reconciliation, especially between brothers and sisters, and the worship of God. I have noticed that many children burst crackers on the roads and get injured.

Parents should take care that children play with fireworks only in the presence of a responsible adult.
Mumbai, India

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