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Rise in crime rate

Once the safest capital now is unsafe for the citizens. There is drastic increase in crime rates in federal capital Islamabad.
The street crimes, dacoits, killings, kidnapping for ransom are daily affair in Islamabad city. 11384 crime-related incidents have been reported this year as of now in which 96 people were killed. 182 attempts to murder were reported in which 280 people were injured. 447 people were kidnapped for ransom this year. 36 incidents where women or children were subjected to abuse or torture came to light. 246 houses/shops were looted at gunpoint in which 50 crore worth items were taken. 340 cars and 370 motorcycles were lifted in Islamabad.
The citizens are surprised on the rise of crime rate. I urge police and other concerned authorities to take strict measure to control these crimes and make Islamabad the safest city again.
Jammu and Kashmir

“Child Abuse”

Child abuse, has not been the product of recent times, raised recently, but was present as it is old as mankind. Children, due to their innocence are made target of this brutal act of lust.
The physical harm brought to a child cannot be described in words. Not just this, it’s a lot worse psychological harm. For life, the child is traumatized and loses the confidence for ever. This causes so much psychological damage to him that he often develops a resentment towards the specific gender.
The psychological condition becomes so bad in worse cases that it extends to years later in life. It interferes with the smooth running of their day-to-day affairs and they can’t be normal again. Child abuse is not just a matter of protesting in words, but of taking proper action against it. For the guilty people a uniform rule should be made, and their punishment should be such that it gives everyone else a daunting lesson, so that no one even dares to think of any such act.
Dear parents! you should give your children some education about this problem and tell them about the’ bad’ touch, so that they know exactly when someone comes to them in that context. They should be granted that level of openness so that they can easily share it with you.
The general public should also keep an eye on such criminals and if they find anything suspicious, they should take immediate action against them and report it to the concerned authorities. This is not something that should be neglected at any time and therefore the government and normal people need to take the necessary steps so that these pedophiles think twice before they even think of committing such an act.

Street begging

We find beggars in almost every street, especially during rush hours. They stand in the way of traffic and hinder movement of people. Sometimes they cause accidents or are themselves hit by moving vehicles. There are beggars with some of their body limbs broken or removed or they have dangerous decreases with swollen throats, necks and arms, or other beggars move on carts, driven by their relation close to vehicle in the street.
Some beggars are blind and they move with sticks in their hands or are supported by young children or helped by their daughters. They all need attention of social welfare organizations and social welfare departments of the government. These organizations and social welfare department should cooperate and have joint plans to bring street begging to the end.
They can provide paid work to the beggars in shops, business centres and handicraft industries where they can work at ease. Street begging can be ended if able bodied beggars are provided regular work according to their capacities.
When they start earning well they will stop begging. The ill handicapped and blind beggars should get regular allowance. They should be forced to stay in their homes as they get allowance regularly.

Causes, effects and solution of smog pollution

Smog is one of the major issues now a day’s especially in urban areas. Smog is caused by Air pollution. The reason for smog is gasses or atmospheric pollutants that form smog are released in the air when fuel atmosphere smog is formed. Smog is a mixture of solid fog and liquid and smoke particles. Smog is seen as blackish and yellowish in color. In urban areas, more than 50% of smog is formed as a result of vehicle emission. There are two types of smog sulfurous smog and photochemical smog. Main causes of smog are using coal as fuel, natural causes .Smog affects human health it causes coughing and irritation of the eyes, chest breathing difficulties, lung damages, premature deaths because of respiratory or cancer diseases, birth defects, risk and road accidents. There are some solutions to smog pollution .Reducing and managing vehicular and industrial emission, purchase renewable energy which can help in the reduction of emission, increasing energy efficiency and conserving energy, use of environmentally friendly consumer products, more plantation, less smoking, smog detection, and monitoring system.
Wah Cantt

Street crimes in Islamabad

Islamabad is considered one of the most secure cities of Pakistan. The capital was built as safe city project. The crime rate of Islamabad is least as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Sector-I of Islamabad has been observed as a target of street crimes now a days. Due to universities nearby, this sector has hostels all over. Students living in hostels are victim of street crimes in I-14 sector such as mobile snatching on gun point, torturing for money, etc. These crimes are constantly being reported in the concerned police station but till now there is no such reduction in the rate. There are many hostels in I-14/2 which are occupied by students of Riphah University and even the students of this university are facing these issues. It is observed that usually such snatchers come on bike and harass the people who are walking. It gets very difficult for the students to go outside at night to get some fresh air. I would like to request capital administration, deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police and all other concerned authorities to sort out this matter as soon as possible. This will result in ease in mobility of the residents of I-14 sector. We must solve this issue because each life counts.
Qaisar Ansar

Today’s traffic jam issue

This letter intends to bring to the kind attention of the authorities concerned to the unimaginable tension I faced the other day on Islamabad Expressway due to the growing instances of traffic jam. I am student and I have to reach University at 5:30pm but traffic situation is getting worse day by day.
Protests, rallies and construction work in various parts of the city caused long traffic jams from starting of this month, including on Murree Road, Airport Road and Peshawar Road. I would like to draw the attention of the Islamabad traffic police as well as the law enforcement Agencies towards increasing traffic jams in various areas of the city.
At times, these traffic jams seem to be the result of the carelessness of law enforcement authorities. This is my humble request to ITP and other concerned authorities to overcome this problem as soon as possible and I also request the citizens of the city to cooperate with traffic police.

Criteria for key appointments

We live in a world where rapid technological advances in technology and complexities of problems that Pakistan faces requires optimum utilization of best human resource available in the country. The manner in which state-owned enterprises have been treated like spoils of war and reduced to organizations providing employment for retired former paid civil or uniformed public office holders or cronies of political parties has had its toll on our economy.
There is no dearth of qualified educated talent in this country. Failure of State to give them due recognition and respect has resulted in brain drain. Reports about appointment of retired former senior uniformed officer as head of CPEC does not augur well. Whether it is WAPDA, PTA, or ERRA etc they are all headed by retired former bureaucrats, who while simultaneously getting pension are being given lucrative contracts.
Pakistan faces grave energy crisis, environment pollution, gross reduction in agriculture produce, collapsed public transportation, failed health and education sector and deterioration in law and order etc.
This should have awoken ruling elite from Alice in Wonderland syndrome. We need to realize that status quo cannot continue. Unless appointments to key state organizations are made on merit with emphasis on specialization in relevant field, this country will continue to sink, with disastrous consequences to national security and state sovereignty.
Appointment of corrupt cronies of mediocre capability or retired former civil or uniformed to key organizations maybe beneficial for individuals appointed but bad for national economy. We have seen organizations like Railways, PIA etc in transportation sector being driven to technical insolvency over the years. State organizations involved in energy sector should be headed by best qualified technical expertise, well versed and conversant with technological advances instead or bureaucrats or retired uniformed officers.

Defender of Quran

The Man who Jumped of the fence and Saved the Holy Quran from burning in the anti-Islam Protest in Norway, have won Millions of Hearts and is now being Regarded as the defender of Allah’s Islam.
The boldness and courage of this hero who is called to be Ilyas and attacked was burning Holy Quran in front of hundreds of people in Norway, is widely Appreciated. Ilyas is now a social media Sensation and users are Regarding him as the Hero and one of the Greatest Defenders of Islam in Modern times.
Desecration of the Holy Quran in the Largely Muslim-populated area of Kristians and by a Norwegian far-right group sparked outrage and condemnation by Muslim nations. Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) protest took a violent turn after the group’s leader lars thorsen tried to burn a copy of the Holy Quran, leading to a brawl between the Leader and the counter Protesters. In a video that has surfaced online, thorsen is seen flicking the Book aside, when a man approaches him aggressively, grabs him and tries to kick him. It is when the Police intervened to stop the brawl.

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