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Prevailing inflation

Inflation occurs when the price level of goods and services in a country increases, purchase power of the currency decreases.

It is commonly referred as rising costs of consumer goods and is currently Pakistan’s main issue. Extended price levels of food and energy have become global issue over previous years, which are badly affecting countries like Pakistan.

Pakistan’s inflation rate has been extending since previous years. For instance, in 2018 the rate was 3.93%. In 2019 it was 6.74% and further extended to 10.74 % in 2020 which shows Pakistan’s poor economic conditions.

To overcome inflation, governments should increase taxes and reduce personal disposable income to control inflation which is controlled by decreasing money supply in markets and taxation will relatively decrease the money supply in market. So, inflation can be controlled by increasing taxation.

Victory of good over evil

Dussehra is actually the festival of the Kshatriyas. But all Hindus observe this festival with great joy.

Traditionally in Indian culture, Dussehra was always full of dances where the whole community mixed together, met and mingled. But because of external influences and invasions over the past two hundred years, we have lost that charm today.

Dussehra is of tremendous cultural significance for all of us who live in this land – irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion – and should be celebrated with gaiety and love.

Even though Dussehra is a Hindu festival, people from various religions enjoy themselves in a united way.

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami and is a combination of two words, ‘Vijaya’ meaning ‘victory’, and ‘Dashami’, meaning ‘tenth’.

The festival’s name is derived from the Sanskrit words, ‘Dasha’ (ten) and ‘Hara’ (defeat). Dussehra not only brings joy, but also inspires us to win over our bad instincts by good deeds and pious thoughts.
Mumbai, India

Living an independent life is the right of every individual. However, despite being sovereign for decades, we, Pakistanis, are still not fully self-sufficient.

Independence is when one can live freely without constraints where an individual can go out without fearing kidnappings, murders, harassment and other social evils.

Pakistan’s Independence is yearly celebrated on August 14th, showing the emblem of being independent.

Though Pakistan is undoubtedly sovereign, what bothers one are questions like Are we really free? Are we seeking our freedom privileges? Are our women enjoying their security rights? Unfortunately, the answer is “NO”.

The paradigms of viewing one’s own country are altering day-by-day. The deteriorating amplification of cases makes one fearsome of stepping out.

The possibilities of tragedies that can occur out of the blue keep appearing on one’s mind and this increasing scepticism can definitely not be named freedom.

The rate of cases of murders, robberies, etc continues rising, ultimately building fear and suspicion in one’s mind that not only influences their mental health but also makes one a prisoner of perimeters.

The growing threats to citizens’ security are the sheer question on a citizen’s freedom. Therefore, the government must ensure to tackle this emerging peril rigidly along with its patriots who are eagerly willing to make their dearest country evil-free. Imposition of strict policies towards these severe crimes can only lessen these intensifying cases.

The curbing of immoralities is, undoubtedly, not impossible by the sincere efforts of the government and its residents to circulate stability and harmony among the nation as everyone enjoys their rudimentary privileges and independence for real.

Larkana, Sindh

Examination system

Pakistan’s education system is not only outdated, it doesn’t have quality to examine the learners’ performance as it solely evaluates a student’s memory and not their creativity and experience.

Moreover, in the 1990s students used to cheat and clear their annual exams yet surprisingly, things are the same way today. Institutions only focus on one’s memory instead of emphasizing their thinking capacity.

Additionally, when a student comes to know that they’re in 9th grade, their psychology automatically reaches the level of a cheating system because in Pakistan, Board examinations still depend on cheating criteria.

Even NTS medical test seats are sold for a high amount of money. On the contrary, question papers and answer sheets are leaked a few minutes prior to exams.

Since this educational system from the 90s has still not been demolished, Pakistan is losing its intelligent and desirable candidates. Furthermore, wrong perception of environmental structure, psychological influences, rot learning and cheating systems encourages individual or collaborative cheatings.

Thus, Pakistan’s outdated examination system will carry forward until and unless the ministry of educational department doesn’t support bringing an innovative version.

One must have the right knowledge and concepts to be a good doctor instead of a bunch of memory traces and cheating sheets for Pakistan’s education system will soon lose the quality of employees and employers if such unethical means aren’t prevented.
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